One Smell. The Journals of Tutteji Wachtmeister

Now out from Integral Publications. Read Ken Dillinger’s rave review below, or go ahead and read an excerpt from the Introduction here.


Okay, all you Tutteji fans, you’ve waited long enough. The intensely private potentate of the integral spirituality 2.0 movement, the founder of The Big Bucks Process™ and lineage holder of the esoteric Sexually Transmitted Enlightenment™ teachings, has broken his silence and published a year’s worth of journal notes. Pull up a chair. You’ve entered the living room of one of the most intriguing spiritual giants on the planet. He’ll tell you a little about his work schedule, quite a lot about his buddies in the spiritual jet set, and you’ll talk late into the night about his own, revolutionizing spiritual teachings. Hold on tight, though, because the conversational pace can be dizzying, bouncing from the Free Market to the One Mind (they’re one, according to Tutteji), Zen to Žižek (he’s critical of both), Sex and Mindfulness (Tutteji is bringing them together in ways you couldn’t have imagined), And this isn’t just superficial soul-babble. Give it a while to sink in. Take a sip of wine. Move on to more expansive talk of higher states of being. Tutteji will describe his own meditative experiences and how they relate to his integral revision of the Oneness of Body, Mind, and Market. As daylight breaks, you’ll gaze into the early twilight, wondering how you failed to notice all those hidden dimensions within and beyond an otherwise two-dimensional world.

– Ken Dillinger in Integral Spirituality Magazine


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