An unconventional Zen Master’s uncensored story

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Chuck Genkaku Johnzen Roshi is becoming the number-one spokesman for the western Zen experience. Now he tells the uncensored version of his adventures with the world’s most notorious Buddhist organization, The outlaw 1% Sanghaa wild bunch of outlaws and wayward monks searching for satori while riding the roads of the American Southwest. Read more about his acclaimed memoirs here.


6 thoughts on “An unconventional Zen Master’s uncensored story

  1. By the way, thank you for saying here on your site what needs to be said. Seriously.

    A question: is riding a Harley more Buddhist, or will a rice burner do? I mean, as the Japanese practically invented Zen, it seems I should ride a Honda, but the Harley seems so much more Dharmic and expensive and chromed-out, and I heard favors them.

  2. Let me quote Genkaku himself: “The Japs are pretty good at this Zen thing, but their bikes suck big time. Besides, I’m an American Zen Master, so I don’t wear any funny robes or eat my burgers from a fucking bowl, with chopsticks. And I ride an American bike. Simple as that.”

    • Your reply just gave me a kensho experience. Or, that chorizo burrito I had for breakfast is coming back up. Either way, gassho, Tutteji-san Sensei.

      • Be careful! You are in a very vulnerable state right now. A full-blown kensho experience sometimes occurs when someone hears about these wondrous Teachings the first time. But Enlightenment is not a joke, and not a thing you can purchase online. You need to stabilize your insight, and learn how to make it profitable. Sign up now for one of the many different courses, retreats, and workshops recommended on this website, and you may come to a full, deep, and everlasting experience of annutara samyak sambodhi with the help of one of our fully licensed teachers. And then, when you bask in the glistening samadhi that lets you behold the original Oneneness of Spirit and Market, we will lock eyebrows and inhale the pungent fragrance of this wondrously eternal Now from which everyone willing to make the investment, will one day benefit.

      • PS
        You may address me “Dai Osho”. Not that I care at all about titles, name and fame, but it’s a traditional thing to do, and a nice way to show respect to the Guru and his Tradition. Also, remember that any donations you make to the Tutteji Foundation are fully tax-deductable in most free market economies.

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