A Tribute to Tutteji

tutteinparkThe Dorkettes are back from the The Dharma Dorks Conference in Boulder, CO, where Tutteji Wachtmeister was presented with the first-ever Dharma Lifetime Achievement Award, and the honorific Dai Osho-title. It was an amazing evening of love, tenderness, laughter and tears as 400 people honored our dear teacher. We were fortunate enough to offer Tutteji our personal thanks too.

So without further ado, we present our tribute to Tutteji Wachtmeister…
Tutte, we love you so much and we’ve been struck over the last few months by your immense generosity, and we wanted to thank you for opening your heart and your home, and always having time for us.

As we reflected on our memories of all the incredible individual miracles we’ve witnessed and felt over many weeks as we supported people on their growth paths through the seminars and events we held throughDharma Dorks– literally thousands of people. We thought that if we could just bring you the memories of a few of those moments, that you might more fully feel the extent of the impact that you’ve made in people’s lives.
So, from every caring gesture we’ve witnessed …

To every tear shed… And every personal illumination made possible …

For everyone who realized the unity of Body, Mind, and Market for the very first time …

Who felt empowered in a whole new way …

Maybe if we could just put you between one of the countless back-dances or in the space between two eye-gazing expressions of One Market.

If you could only have seen those moments when the mysteries of the stock market were understood just a little more clearly … Damn!

And then we realized, that actually, you were there. And not just because you are one with everything, but because you were the reason that any of those moments happened in the first place. You were the attractor, the seed, the glue, the spark, the exemplar, the great sage who went before and began a new path for all these other folks to follow.

So, thank you, on behalf of all those people. 108 + 1 bows.


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