Vajran Welch on How to Get Laid Like a Zen Master

welchportraitAfter leaving Tricycle Magazine in 2011 to ghostwrite Gumpo Roshi’s memoirs, successfull journalist and devoted Dharma Dork Vajran Welch joined a sub-culture of pick-up artists cum spiritual masters known as the Seduction Yogis, publishing an article in Tantra Journal about his experiences in 2012.

Now comes his book The Ploy: Penetrating the Secret Society of Sexually Successfull Spiritual Masters, published by Integral Publishing. The Ploy deals with the author’s transformation into a prominent actor on the spiritual seduction scene. In addition to documenting his experiences with famous pickup roshis and rinpoches, this shockingly seductive account also describes the author’s interactions with spiritual celebrities, including Madonna and Sting.

Integral Publishing is also publishing a new and updated edition of Welch’s acclaimed The Secret Path of the Pickup Yogi. The New and Improved Art of Spiritual Seduction. In this book, the long-time disciple of Tutteji Wachtmeister and certified Erotic Affirmation™ Coach,  talks about spiritual men’s sexual issues in his uniquely educational and entertaining way.

This new edition of The Secret Path of the Pickup Yogi includes advice from from leading North American roshis and senseis, sharing their most advanced seduction techniques. This book will show you how to create passion, how to get the chicks at the zendo away from the cushion and into your bed, and get as many one-night stands as you desire, and much, much more.

Read more about these great books here.


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