Workshop with Hillary Hilton Sensei


Attired in classy lingerie, the atypical Zen master Hillary Hilton teaches 20- and 30-someting acolytes in New York how to make profitable use of spirituality in everyday life – including bars and the bedroom. Her weekly classes on “The Zen of Seduction” at the Central Park West Sangha have become an instant success, specifically designed for searching, young urbanites skeptical of the god and religious garb of their parents.

“I would tell people that I was a Buddhist teacher, and they would balk at my good looks and outrageous outfits”, writes Hilton of her college days. Rather than adhere inflexibly to hopelessly outdated Buddhist norms and precepts, Hilton encourages her students to indulge mindfully in sex, drugs, and all kinds of illegal fun.

Hilton says that many Buddhists are “hopeless drinkers and lovers”, but that she has good hope this will change as a new generation of Dharma students widen their horizons and turn away from herbal teas, medieval Japanese garb, and Mahayana meditations.

Hillary Hilton Sensei is a Dharma successor of Jundo Roshi, abbot of The Central Park West Sangha, and a long-time student of Tutteji Wachtmeister. She is co-founder of Dharma Dorks® and a licensed The Big Bucks Process™ instructor. 


3 thoughts on “Workshop with Hillary Hilton Sensei

  1. This is what I am exactly takling about. Tutte needs more women that can teach the Dharma in ways beyond any comprehension.
    I can recommend this class. Hillary Hilton Sensei is above insightful. Even if you do not learn anything, you will at least have a sexy teacher to look at. I give her 5 points for enlightenment. Go Sensei!

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