New Book from Tutteji

What follows is a brief excerpt from Tutteji’s new book, A Handbook for Profitable Spirituality. Read more about it here.

The difference between what I teach and traditional spirituality is in style of practice. Most spiritual teachers are not very creative, and they don’t understand how the market works. There’s a lot of contemplation, meditation, chanting … Just sit, just sit, just sit. Do nothing, just sit., just sit … Chant a bit, or make prostrations, or whatever.  It’s kind of boring. And, to be honest, it won’t take you very far.

In my school we say, okay, you must do that stuff. And we emphasize chanting, and devotion to the guru, but you must also make a buck. You must make this spiritual trip of yours profitable, you must make it profitable now! Show me, demonstrate! Be successfull now—with enormous passion and effort and energy in your investments.

If you talk to teachers in other spiritual traditions, they’ll say you shouldn’t think too much about material comfort. That’s incredibly stupid, and hypocritical. But now their students start to understand what it’s all about … and that’s why they show up at my centers.

My form— we call it the Tutteji Vision—is really a spirituality for our time. It’s not an ethnocentric structure, but a kosmocentric one. I’ve created a path that actually leads somewhere. If you follow it, you will make a fortune. And that’s just a modern way of looking at path, or marga, in the liberal tradition. It begins where Thatcherism begins.


It’s not a path for wimps and sissies. Thatcher was a radical, just like the Chinese Zen masters, and the Japanese samurai. We love her because she was a table flipper, and she really challenged everything, in every way. She was a little bit rude in my opinion at times, but she was unshakable, fierce, direct, confrontational. And that’s our spiritual process. It’s the greatest challenge for those up for it. 

All I’m doing is going back to the old “market combat” in the Chinese tradition where a new merchant would show up in town, he’d come to the markeplace, display his goods, and if he won the customers, the old merchants would pack up and leave and the new guy would take over. That’s the origin for the Mindful Management™ process, and I find that sort of public challenge works extremely well.

At one point, Ken Dillinger said he thinks that this is the first serious innovation in genuine spirituality in two or three thousand years.


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