New from Integral Publishing: Endless Fun. The Zen Path of Gumpo Carlson Roshi

gumpobookGumpo Carlson Roshi is the only Westerner acknowledged as a fully enlightened Zen Master. After years of strenous practice in Japan, he returned to his native California in 1980 where he founded the Pink Moon Zen Center in Los Angeles. Since then, Gumpo Roshi has guided hundreds of Zen students for more than three decades, and given transmission to dozens of senior disciples, now carrying on his profound teachings. After thirty years, Gumpo Roshi recently moved to New York City, where he has established the flourishing Central Park West Sangha, opening a new chapter in the great, unfolding saga of American Buddhism.

gumpo6A man of many faces, Gumpo Roshi, has often been referred to as the “Hugh Heffner of Zen”. He is a simple monk well-known for his outlandish robes and extravagant lifestyle; a world traveller and a hermit; a spiritually realized being of the highest caliber as well as an entrepeneurial genius. Both Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho and the well-known integral visionary Ken Dillinger consider Gumpo Roshi their root-teacher.

Endless Fun is an unprecedented collection of essays on Gumpo Roshi’s pivotal role in making the timeless wisdom of the East available for westerners. It is also an intimate, in-depth portrait of an extraordinary Zen master and legendary eccentric, known to to conduct “tea ceremonies” using tequila and champagne glasses.

Hillary Hilton Roshi is Abbot of the Carnegie Hill Hermitage in New York, and the author of Zen and the City: Chicken Soup for Spiritual Chicks  and Zen and the City 2: More Practical Advice on Mindful Shopping and Soulful Dating by a Contemporary Zen Master.
Vajran Welch is the author of The Ploy: Penetrating the Secret Society of Sexually Successfull Spiritual Masters and The Secret Path of the Pickup Yogi: The New and Improved Art of Spiritual Seduction.


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