Great Enlightenment Dome and Arch

To celebrate Tutteji Wachtmeister’s first anniversary in the United States, the establishment of the Tutteji Vision in this great country, and to express his gratitude to his own masters, a great dome and triumphal arch will be built at the Tutteji Foundation Retreat Center on Long Island. In the spiritual traditions of the East, the traditional function of such buildings is to protect the teachings and generate merit for the donors. A triumphal arch was part of the original Tutteji Vision, but was never actualized.

Through the workings of mysterious karma, a generous donation has made it possible for the Tutteji Foundation to begin the work of realizing what will become a lasting monument dedicated to the selfless actions of the Enlightened Beings of our time, and the spiritual evolution of mankind. Extensive plans are completed and construction work will begin this fall. The estimated completion date is the Fall of 2016.

The total cost will be approximately $100,000,000. Please join Tutteji Dai Osho in making this historical project a reality. You can donate on-line or by check. As always all contributions are fully tax-deductible, and the karmic benefits imessurable.


The beautifully produced and lavishly illustrated book Architecture of Enlightenment by integral visionary Ken Dillinger  is a lucid, wide-ranging study of this important project. It is not only an exceptionally handsome coffee table book. Dillinger’s long, thoughtful essay makes a convincing case for the manifestation of formless Spirit in marble, as manifested in this monumental example of a truly integral, spiritually informed architecture.


“What we see here is nothing less than the aesthetic aspect of Eros at work from within an emerging fourth tier, turquoise-golden level of human evolution. In other words: The Great Dome and Arch represent the absolute cutting edge of Kosmic evolution, just like the great pyramids did 5000 years ago. These monuments will inspire generations to come. They will be a beacon for evolution itself, showing the direction of Spirit towards ever more complex patterns of inclusive, integral transcendence.”

Architecture of Enlightenment will be out in early September. The hardback edition will be approximately $200. Benefactors donating $5000 or more to the Great Enlightenment Dome and Arch will receive a free copy, inscribed by the author.


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