Letter from the Abbot


Participants in the 2013 Wine Tasting Retreat at the Tutteji Foundation

Summer at the Tutteji Foundation is a time of miraculous beauty, warm friendship, and joyful spiritual practice, spiced with that touch of sensuality and entrepeneurial spirit that makes our Way a unique and expansive contribution to the mahamandala of contemporary spirituality in North America. Here we are, practicing a timeless Way made relevant for our modern life, pursuing a form of spirituality that really works, enhancing our lives and opening up ever new vistas of transcendent Truth and glorious business opportunities.

Caring for the Global Market and working closely with several Fortune 500 corporations, we are focusing on sustainable investments that go beyond the false duality of Spirit and Market, merging Mindful breathing and sound investment habits. Everyone who comes here feels that the Tutteji Foundation is a sacred space, infused with the brightly shining spirit and tireless energy of our Founder and Honorary Abbot, Tutteji Wachtmeiser Dai Osho.

As we know, psychological wellness is integrally tied to the healing power of free market dynamics. Indeed, the Mind-Market Institute recently published a study on the timeless practice of “money bathing” , showing how just being surrounded by cash can have significant positive effects on heart rate and brain function. The Tutteji Foundation, hosting one of Long Island’s most prestiguous country clubs, a first-rate 18-hole golf course, and a gourmet restaurant is truly a refuge for us all.

Our final retreat of the summer training period will end with a deeply felt and profoundly significant Ceremony of renewed investments, shining the light of Wisdom and Compassion on the shadows of unhealthy habits and transforming difficult karma personally and as a Sangha.

Please give yourself the gift of participating in this unique and deeply transforming period of deep practice while helping us to provide the encouraging, inspiring and nurturing environment for all who come here. Take the opportunity to spend a night or two with one of our accomplished spiritual guides and let the powerful practice of sexually transmitted enlightenment refresh your body, mind and spirit. Experience for yourself the profound joy of dancing on the cutting edge of Kosmic evolution.

You’re worth it!

Hillary Hilton, Roshi


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