Residential Life at International Tutteji Foundation

tuttejifoundationLiving at the Tutteji Foundation is a rare opportunity to participate fully in today’s hectic, multi-tasking, globalized culture, and making your spirituality a profitable investment. Located on beautiful Long Island, this fully integral, cutting edge monastery welcomes serious students of the Way to work together as bodhisattva-entrepeneurs in training.

Residents engage in a highly effective, sustainable, and evidence-based spiritual practice, learn traditional Asian etiquette, and work at tasks ranging from cleaning and cooking to all manner of outdoor projects such as maintaining our 18-hole golf course, serving guests, and taking care of the land and facilities. Yoga, breath work, and other body practices are a part of the daily schedule, as are personal and group study of Ayn Rand’s teachings as well as contemporary market dynamics, providing a naturally balanced and synergetic approach to the integration of Body, Mind, and Market.

Residents include both ordained and lay students, and their practice is guided by Hillary Hilton Roshi. Students may apply for formal kessei, three-month training periods in the spring and fall, as well as for less formal interim periods in the winter and summer.

Students whose aspiration, sincerity, and dedication are strong are encouraged to remain at the Tutteji Foundation throughout the year for as long as their life circumstances permit. Those with a particularly deep vow may apply for ordination in the Inner Circle of the Tutteji Mandala, which requires unwavering immersion in the intensive 1,000-day internship at one of our sponsor corporations.

Your sincere motivation to deepen your practice and understanding of the Market and your willingness to follow our schedule, the challenging demands of a life as an entrepeneur, and give of yourself while working and living with fellow residents are the most important requirements.

The Tutteji community upholds high standards of personal and group conduct, rooted in the Six Paramitas (virtues of perfection) as well as Objectivist ethics.

Whether engaging in short-term lay practice or making a life-time commitment, residents at the Tutteji Foundation work together cheerfully and with mutual respect, support, and encouragement, providing a place for all who come to experience the Tutteji Vision in an authentic and life-changing way.

The fee for a full three-month kessei is $25,000. For those who cannot come for the entire kessei period, a one-month ($7500) or two-month period ($15,000) can be arranged. Travail Servile arrangements are available.

To apply for residence, contact


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