Celebrating Matriarchs of the Bodhisattva-Entrepeneur Lineage

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Separated by geographical, cultural, and temporal gulfs but united in their Spirit and Commitment, two of our most esteemed Dharma ancestors, Ayn Rand and Margaret Thatcher, remain powerful sources of wisdom and inspiration as we enter a new era of integral, fourth-tier Mind-Market spirituality. The example of these great teachers provides us with a solid foundation necessary for this evolutionary quantum-leap.

To commemorate and pay homage to  these Matriarchs of the Market, the International Tutteji Foundation celebrates a monthly feast day dedicated to Ayn Rand and Margaret Thatcher. We uphold a special Market Mandala ceremony on the Friday closest to the 20th of each month. Refer to the calendar for exact dates.

During the ceremony, the resident Teacher will read and comment on a section from Atlas Shrugged. This is followed by prostrations and chanting of the “Affirming the Unity of Body, Mind, and Market” mantra 108 + 1 times. If attending, please wear tabi or clean, white socks to the Service Hall.

It is also possible to perform this ceremony on your own. In fact, countless highly successful businessmen, spiritual leaders, politicians, and athletes have found the practice of bowing to Ayn Rand and Margaret Thatcher to be an effective way to purify karma and enhance their performance.



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