Interview with Tutteji


The fall issue of Mindful Magazine features an article about our Mindful Management™ program and an exclusive interview with Tutteji himself. What follows is a brief excerpt, where Dai Osho offers some interesting remarks on epsilon brainwaves and success.

As he grins serenely, and the exquisite burgundy robes covering a smartly cut business suit (with its right arm cut off below the shoulder, exposing an impressive biceps) billow in the fresh Himalayan wind, it is not difficult to see why scientists declared Tutteji Wachtmeister the happiest and most successful man they had ever tested.

The unconventional guru and inventive entrepeneur is passionately setting out why mindfulness can alter the brain, thus improving people’s level of happiness and success in the same way that lifting weights puts on muscle.

Neuroscientist David Richardson recently wired up Tutte’s brain with 256 sensors at the University of Wisconsin as part of research on hundreds of advanced practitioners of meditation. The scans showed that when meditating on success, Tutte’s brain produces a level of delta waves — those linked to consciousness, attention, learning and memory — “never reported before in the neuroscience literature”, Richardson said.


Tutteji in the lab, surrounded by astonished scientists.

The scans also showed something even more extraordinary, possibly unique:  MRI brain scans revealed high levels of extremely subtle theta wave activity in Tutteji’s  left prefrontal cortex, giving him an abnormally large capacity for entrepeneurial aggression and a reduced propensity towards negativity, researchers believe.

”It’s a wonderful area of research because it shows that the kind of spirituality 2.0™ that I teach is not simply a fad, but completely changes your neural hardware and therefore changes who you are and what you can become,” Tutteji says.

Research into the connection between mindfulness or spiritual practice and professional success is in its infancy, and Tutteji has been at the forefront of ground-breaking experiments along with other leading scientists across the world.

“We have been looking for 12 years at the effect of short and long-term mind-training through meditation on business success. We’ve found remarkable results with long-term practitioners who did 50,000 rounds of conventional meditation, but also with three weeks of 30 minutes a day of Sexually Transmitted Enlightenment™, which of course is more applicable to our modern times.”

“And much, much more pleasant, ” Tutteji adds, with a heartwarming smile, before going on to tell us about a recent series of experiments carried out at the University of Wisconsin lab.

“Now, this is really, really exciting. You see, we have hooked up a number of 40 under 40s, some of the hottest rising stars in business that have absolutely no previous experience of mindfulness practice. And, guess what, they show exactly the same kind of delta waves that researchers have found in yogis who have spent decades  meditating in damp caves. A few of them even showed signs of VSE (very subtle epsilon) activity going on.”

“This was totally unexpected by the researchers, and so strange that the Wisconsin lab actually leased back this very expensive piece of brain scanning equipment from the company they sold it to a couple of years ago. Then they had this group of young businessmen come back several times a week to scan their brains for delta- and epsilon  waves. And, every time, the machine would go ‘ping’, indicating that something truly extraordinary was going on in the lab.”

SUBTLEDELTA“This shows that the process works both ways: meditation practice will increase delta (and in some cases epsilon) activity, making meditators more successful. And success itself, without mindfulness practice, will also produce these really extraordinary levels of neural activity. In other words: running a successful business is a valid spiritual path. Of course, this is what I’ve been saying for years: Mind and Market are One. But now, finally, this has been verified by science.”

“What I’m working on now is developing tools for cultivating VSEs in meditators and entrepeneurs.  I strongly believe that the emergence of subtle epsilon waves marks a giant step in the evolution of humankind, and that we are approaching a spiritual and financial singularity … Who knows, our children may attain to zeta brainwaves. Perhaps even eta and theta. Imagine a society functioning on that level: there will be no need for police or taxes, no politicians, no state or ‘society’  at all. Only freedom and prosperity and spiritual bliss.”



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