People are getting enlightened (and successful) here

tuttedharma3Everyone who’s engaged in serious spiritual practice know that enlightenment is real. Very few, however, realize that spiritual enlightenment and professional success are aspects of the same Truth.

In traditional spirituality we are, in fact, discouraged to openly discuss this. It has become shameful to admit that truly enlightened people become successful and prosperous. The well-behaved disciples don’t talk about business or investments, kind of in the way nice people don’t look up ladies’ skirts.


We tell people over and over that they look pretty, or beautiful, or that they are smart, talented, skilled, loving, et cetera. I say the world would be a better place if we were encouraged to admit that we admire enlightenment, wealth and success even more – and that we would brag more about our own accomplishments. There is nothing wrong with being successful and wealthy. In fact, it is a sure sign that our spiritual practice is effectively working for us.

Still, gain and fame have become dirty words in ”spiritual” circles. Why is that?


My guess is that this came about from the sad fact that most so-called spiritual teachers lack genuine enlightenment and are unable to make it in the real world. And that’s why these ”teachers” have developed what I call a ”mushroom culture”, where they keep their students in the dark and feed them shit.

It’s time for a change. And there is, in fact, a number of us coming out now and saying, ”Look, I’m enlightened and I make tons of money, and it’s a good thing. And I would really like to help other people get enlightened and wealthy, and I can do that.”



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