Tutte Wachtmeister Elite Dharma

elitedharmaThe world’s most exclusive tantric sangha, whose long-standing prestigious reputation has been established over many years of dedicated service, Marbella-based Tutte Wachtmeister Elite Dharma provides superior tantric initiations and sadhana in New York, Moscow, Monaco, Paris, Milan, and Stockholm. We are a highly selective tantric sangha and guarantee that all our gurus and instructors have a powerful charisma as well as the aura of celebrity status.

If you want to enjoy a day with a very beautiful and experienced tantric guide, why not call on Tutte Wachtmeister Elite Dharma and let us assist you? We guarantee discretion and satisfaction, no matter what. Tutte Wachtmeister Elite Dharma offers the most convenient and elegant tantric practices available today. We are an honest, reliable and classy tantric sangha – and our services are only a short click away.

Join our public Facebook group and connect with our satisfied clients.

Tutte Wachtmeister Elite Dharma – for gentlemen who know what they want.


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