Kosmic Evolution and The Free Market. A Night With Integral Visionary Tutteji Wachtmeister



”The Market and the Inner Self are One.”

With this breakthrough insight, a new chapter begins in the spiritual evolution of humankind.

On Friday, December 7, Tutteji Wachtmeister, integral visionary extraordinaire, will host an open meeting – live and broadcast – for thousands of listeners worldwide.

During the meeting, Tutteji will explore some of the most pressing issues facing humanity at this time of rapid global evolution.

By joining Tutteji for this meeting, you will have a chance to explore how our understanding of Body, Mind, and Market is evolving at this stage of Kosmic evolution.

Uniting his long experience as a pragmatic teacher of Enlightenment with an extensive theoretical knowledge, this pioneer of integral spirituality offers a unique synthesis of theory and practice that tens of thousands of people have found to be an invaluable aid to their own higher development.

Over the years, Tutteji has explored everything from quantum marketing to tantric sex to our environmental crisis and the ultimate destiny of the Kosmos.

Always connecting these issues to the deeper dimensions underlying the evolving dynamics of the free Market, Tutteji continually and tirelessly provides fresh, trailblazing perspectives on the human experience, straight from the cutting edge of evolution.

Now, through the power of this live-and-online format, you will be able to sit down at Tutteji’s table at the great feast of human knowledge and participate in a lively, dynamic discussion that will have a lasting impact on your life.


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