New DVD: The Guru and The Bandit. An Integral Dialog

Watch respected entrepeneur Vinnie ”Mad Dog” Barbato and award-winning spiritual teacher Tutteji Wachtmeister unpack their vision of a new ”transconventional spirituality” that is beginning to emerge across the world, which involves at least three basic components:

  • Waking Up to spiritual states of consciousness and opportunities for material success
  • Growing up through the experience of becoming a made man, or being initiated into a valid spiritual tradition
  • Cleaning up our socially conditioned moral inhibitions and sanctimonious shadows if we don’t want our highest potentials to become hijacked by our lowest fears and neurotic fixations

Total running time: 2 hours 30 minutes (2 parts)
Images by Alex Sakharov

Tutteji and Vinnie  are both pioneers of a new approach to spirituality that seeks to integrate the classic understanding of enlightenment with our most recent discoveries around evolution, psychology, and the conditions of free market enterprise, leading to an extraordinarily simple but profound realization: enlightenment itself is leading to prosperity! Watch as Tutteji and Vinnie discuss the following topics from a fourth-tier perspective:

  • Evolutionary, Market-Oriented Enlightenment: Today’s enlightenment is very different than the enlightenment of 2000 years ago. Why? It’s the evolving market, baby! Watch as Tutte and Vinnie discuss the aspects of enlightenment that have never changed, and the aspects of enlightenment that are constantly evolving, moment to moment, in tandem with the evolution of global capitalism.
  •  Cleaning Up Our Act: It is not uncommon to see otherwise great men and women casting great shadows: broken aspects of the psyche that often diminish or even eclipse the impact of their work on the world. One of the most important considerations of an integral approach to spirituality is the recognition that the “light” of enlightened awareness does not always reach the darkest areas of our consciousness, and no amount of spiritual practice will rid you of emotional whimpiness and do-gooder mentality. Watch as Tutteji and Vinnie talk about the importance of toughen up as an integral part of your spiritual awakening.
  •  A Global Spirituality: In order to create a truly global spirituality we need to move beyond the extreme relativism of postmodernism that essentially says “your truth is your truth and my truth is my truth”—which not only makes it extremely difficult to establish natural hierarchies, but also throws authority out the window and opens the door to all forms of ”equality” and self-delusion. How can we re-establish a universal code of honor that respects natural hierarchy and authority?

In the second half of the video Tutteji and Vinnie answer questions from the audience, including:

  • Is it fair to say that most of us in the transintegral community are fairly advanced when it comes to cognitive and spiritual intelligence, but should pay more attention to cultivating prosperity and postconventional business ethics?
  • What is the evolution of honor? What constitutes an integral code of honor?
  • Is the inevitability of financial loss in our lives an important and inextricable part of the evolutionary process?

Tutte and Vinnie are Rude Boys. They are not here to offer comfort; 
they’re  here to tear you into approximately a thousand pieces. 
—Ken Dillinger


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