Tom Typhoon: The Courage to Win. Spiritual Practices For Success

typhoonWhen high risk investment plans are challenging, how do we react? This book offers methods to help us develop greater inner strength and openness to life by changing the habit of what Tom Typhoon calls “self-preoccupation”—the tendency to act from a narrow perspective dominated by insecurity and isolation. When we learn to look outside this mentality and truly cherish opportunities more than our own security, we create a happier, relaxed mind and more fulfilling relationships to the increasingly dynamic market, thus realizing our life’s purpose in a meaningful way.

A long-time spiritual practitioner, financial advisor, and psychotherapist, Typhoon shares traditional meditations and practices for awakening the mind and heart, but he also offers a Jungian perspective on these and his own sense—cultivated during many years experience—of the ways in which Westerners may need to re-connect with the archetype of The Daring Entrepeneur. Typhoon’s insightful fusion of East and West will help readers tap inner resources of instinct and integrity in order to flourish in times of uncertainty, and ultimately generate the aspiration to realize a genuinely free market for the benefit of all living beings. Typhoon offers meditation practices at the end of many chapters to help the reader digest and integrate the book’s information.

The Courage to Win: Spiritual Practices for Success
by Tom Typhoon
342 pages
Hardback $39.95


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