Tutte Wachtmeister: Integral Athletics. Heart Advice From a Spiritual Ironman

In this fascinating book, accomplished triathlon veteran and award-winning spiritual teacher Tutte Wachtmeister discusses the extraordinary overlap that exists between sports, prosperity and spirituality.


In many ways, sports represent the very best of the human spirit.  And yet, some may find it odd to suggest a connection between sports and spirituality, not to mention prosperity, as though these are three completely distinct facets of human life, without any bearing upon each other whatsoever.  Maybe if we are talking about kung fu or some other martial art we can see an overlap, but what does spirituality have to do with modern western sports or the stock market? After all, these games are fueled by the decidedly earthly elements of blod, sweat, tears, money, and testosterone, while spirituality is often charged with the role of dealing with the more abstract and heavenly concerns of our tragically finite human existence.  But really, these are extremely narrow conceptions, unable to capture the full complexity and richness of athletics, business and spirituality.  After all, an athlete, or a Wall Street shark,  can find as much virtue, luminosity, and self-transcendence through sports or business as a monk can find through any spiritual tradition.  And a monk can find as much personal power, potency, and prosperity through spiritual practice as can be found any type of sport or business.  As it turns out, there is an extraordinary overlap between sports, business and spirituality—and this overlap is the essence of Tutte Wachtmeister’s latest book.

Integral Athletics. Heart Advice from a Spiritual Ironman
by Tutte Wachtmeister
96 pages
Paperback $9.95


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