An Introduction To Audit Spirituality™

introaudit2Dear Transintegral Friends,

We are awed, thrilled and honored to announce that two of our most precious teachers in the scientific exploration of transintegral evolution, Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho and Ken Dillinger, are returning to Berlin Transintegral for a one-day workshop on August 21.

This time we are not only blessed with a workshop on Audit Spirituality™, but also a live musical concert by our friend Tranceintegral. See below to learn more about this exciting and groundbreaking event which will be a pivotal moment for the rapidly evolving transintegral movement in Europe.

Please join us for this rare opportunity to learn and practice with two amazing transintegral teachers! For questions and registration, please contact Tutteji Zentrum Berlin.

An Introduction to Audit Spirituality™
Tutteji Wachtmeister
Ken Dillinger
One Day Workshop Wednesday August 8/21 (9am – 6pm)
suggested donation: €500 (Berlin Transintegral Members €450)
Donations do not include food and snacks.
Tranceintegral Concert (10pm-11.30pm)
Tickets: €50

Audit Spirituality™
Every six months or so, you should take a good, hard, realistic and sobering look at your life and your spiritual practice. Ask yourself: How much time and money have I spent on books, CDs, DVDs, apps for my iPhone, retreats, intensives, and workshops? How much did those meditation outfits, zafus, zabutons, yoga mats, buddha figures, icons, and boxes of incense really cost?

If you are a devoted and serious student of the way, you have probably spent at least a few thousand dollars on such items. (If not, this is a sign that your practice is imbalanced; please remember that generosity or dana paramita is an essential foundation for any spiritual enterprise.)

After making this assessement of your input, you should ask yourself: Was this a healthy investment? How much have I really gained from my spiritual practice? What’s in it for me? Again, take a good, hard, realistic look at your spiritual life and, if necessary, make a new SIP (Spiritual Investment Plan).

This is hard, sometimes deeply painful, work but also a necessary step on the path towards a healthy, postintegral self. But don’t make things more difficult than they have to be. Why not …

Come to the experts for your Spiritual Audit Training™
The International Tutteji Foundation is the pioneer and leader in spiritual audit training™ (SAT) . This workshop will provide you with quality, engaging, facilitated learning opportunities. SAT learning solutions help ensure that you have the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish the highest states and stages of postintegral spiritual evolution, adding value to your spiritual life. The Tutteji International Foundation is committed to delivering the very best in Spiritual Audit Training™, and living up to our reputation as the global leader in postcoventional spirituality by providing the highest quality, convenience, and value on this competitive market.


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