Hank Smisser: Ken Dillinger. Golden Boy of Spirituality

dillingerbioThis is the definite guide to the life and, especially, work of Ken Dillinger, widely regarded as the golden boy of theory and spirituality of our time. In this long overdue exploration of Dillinger’s intellectual development, Hank Smisser not only outlines the intellectual development of this profound thinker, but also shows how it is linked to events in Dillinger’s personal life, showing how his experiences have influenced and shaped his writing.

In recounting the course of Dillinger’s life and the motives that led him into the fruitful collaboration with Tutte Wachtmeister on the Body-Mind-Market trilogy, Smisser uncovers the intricacies of one of the world’s most significant, yet curiously little-known, intellectuals. Included in this indispensable resource is a complete bibliography of Dillinger’s work to date.

About the author
Hank Smisser is a self-confessed theory nerd who studied holistic sciences at Richard M. Nixon University. He is the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Science Fiction.

Ken Dillinger. Golden Boy of Contemporary Spirituality
by Hank Smisser
398 pages
Hardback $39.95


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