Transintegral Studies @ Richard M. Nixon University

The capacity of Transintegral Theory to synthesize major Western and non-Western systems of knowledge into a cross-cultural approach to evolving, global market dynamics has been applauded with enthusiasm by a number of leading, cutting-edge theorists from many different fields. Yet, Trasintegral Theory has been widely and systematically ignored at mainstream academic institutions for a long time, despite being at the forefront of science, the humanities, and spirituality.

We are therefore pleased to announce that a prestigious cactus-league institution, The Richard M. Nixon University in Taos, recently created a ground-breaking cross-disciplinary bridge by hosting a Department of Transintegral Studies, partly sponsored by the International Tutteji Foundation. What follows is a preliminary course description. Please contact Richard M. Nixon University for admission and application procedures.

Transintegral Studies at Richard M. Nixon University
The programs that comprise Transintegral Studies at Richard M. Nixon University are designed to prepare individuals as agents of change and prosperity in their communities by integrating emotional truth and bodily awareness with the demands of the global market. Students are taught to examine issues of today’s complex world by drawing upon and combining diverse perspectives to obtain a true understanding of their nature and to be able develop effective approaches and responses.

Programs in the Transintegral Studies area all hold in common a vision of personal, social, cultural and financial transformation based on academic study, self-inquiry, and experiential research. Within the Transintegral Studies area are offered the following Master’s degree and graduate programs,

Master of Arts in Transintegral Marketing, a highly prestigious online program educating individuals to apply spiritual theory and practices to challenging, real-world issues.

Master of Arts in Transintegral Coaching, a comprehensive, fully online program training individuals to apply transintegral perspectives and practices in professional coaching work.

Graduate Certificate in Erotic Affirmation, a one-year program which combines three one-week intensives with online work to to educate and train leaders for sustainable action in service to our local and global communities and organizations.

Per U.S. Department of Education requirements, RMN University provides the following information regarding the Leadership for Social Transformation Certificate to assist students in making their educational decision.

Graduate Certificate in Leadership for Erotic Affirmation
Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) code: 52.1401
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code: 11-2202.00
Program tuition & fees: $50,536
Median loan debt: Information Not Available


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