Jevgenij Chernyshevsky: Everything is Profitable. A Transintegral Approach to Life’s Challenges

everythingFew people would say they welcome challenges in their private and professional lives. In fact, most of us tend to back away from them before realizing the potential for growth and prosperity to be found in life’s unavoidable challenges.

If we take up a spiritual practice, we often expect our difficulties to go away. But … surprise! They never do. No matter how much money we spend on retreats and teachings, books and DVDs, incense and malas, we’re stuck with the same old psychological, emotional, and karmic stuff.

Until now.

Transintegral practice enables us to find the deepest potential for success and prosperity both in our private and professional lives. It provides us with the clarity, understanding and discriminatig wisdom necessary to appreciate even the most subtle investment opportunities. In fact, this revolutionary practice is the only thing empirically proven to move people up to fourth tier of transpersonal evolution.

Practicing the simple and fun yoga outlined by renowned transintegral instructor Jevgenij Chernyshevsky will transform your life into a success story in two or three years.

Can you afford not to invest in Transintegral practice?

Everything is Profitable. A Transintegral Approach to Life’s Challenges
by Evgenij Chernyshevsky
98 pages
Paperback $19.95


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