Ken Dillinger: Transintegral Art

transartKen Dillinger is generally considered the greatest American philosopher of all time. Several cutting-edge roshis, senseis, tulkus, rinpoches, and gurus regard him as their mentor and, being a transintegral entrepeneur extraordinaire, Ken has also been called the ”prime promotor” of Gen X, Y, and Z spirituality.

In this new, groundbreaking book Ken Dillinger presents a manifesto for a truly transintegrally informed art examining four realms of aesthetic experience: the empirical realm of the senses, the rational realm of the mind, the contemplative realm of spirit, and – most importantly – the financial realm of the market.

Dismissing most contemporary ”art” as a pointless mishmash of cynicism, irony, camp and kitsch which soon enough will show itself to be a terribly bad investment, Ken Dillinger comes out as a staunch supporter of what he considers genuinely transintegral art. An art that invokes and brings new life the good, the true, and the beautiful. An art that not only offers aesthetic utility but the potential of economic benefit.

Transintegral Art: From Irony, Kitsch, and Camp to The Good, The True, and The Beautiful
by Ken Dillinger
398 pages
Hardback $49.95


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