Owning My Humaneness, Embracing the Shadow of Masculinity.

An Open Letter to disciples, friends, and lovers
by Tutte Wachtmeister

Where there is light there is shadow. Since my first, dazzling enlightenment experience 45 years ago, the light of Spirit has shone brightly through every thought, word, and action manifested by this mortal body. Over the last several years some of my closest disciples have made it apparent to me that the light of unconditioned truth may cause unnecessary hurt to the egos of those unprepared for it.

I’ve understood this simple truth – and have even taught it to my most senior disciples, the  second generation of teachers in the Tutteji Mandala. But when I was asked to dim this light, I resisted. I now understand that my unwillingness to compromise the integrity of the teachings have caused some difficulties for the Mandala. At some point in the future I intend to reach out and offer my humble apologies to its board of directors.

In light of all of this, for the sake of preserving the true teachings and protect the goodwill and rightfully excellent reputation enjoyed by the International Tutteji Foundation, I’ve decided to take some time off. As soon as I’ve fulfilled some prior commitments I will temporarily step down from the leadership of my organization. During this time I will not accept new  students or give any more teachings on sexually transmitted enlightenment..

I am also returning the honorific  Dai Osho, bestowed upon me by those grateful disciples strong enough to handle the uncompromising power of the teachings transmitted to me by some of the leading Masters of our time.

As Tutte Wachtmeister I will continue to illuminate the ten directions of the universe and bring awareness of the everpresent Market, however. I will not give up on, and continue to bring the fruits of sexually transmitted enlightenment to,the many individals and corporations who wish to continue to evolve under my tutelage.

With great humility I will continue to work on the shadow side of masculinity and those deeply rooted patterns, caused by powers outside my own responsibility, which may have harmed the reputation of the International Tutteji Foundation.


Tutte Wachtmeister

It is with great sadness the Elders of the International Tutteji Foundation have accepted Tutteji Wachtmeister’s decision to temporarily step down from his responsibilities. At the same time we are deeply moved and profoundly impressed by his display of integrity, dignity, and humility. Individuals who wish to offer financial support to Tutteji during his sabbatical are encouraged to do so. Simply click the “Donate” button below.



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