Tutteji Wachtmeister: They Call Me Chiron

chironThey Call Me Chiron
by Tutte Wachtmeister
198 pages
Hardcover $39.95
Available October 2013

Following a painful encounter with the unresolved shadow aspects of the institution that supported his work, award-winning spiritual teacher Tutte Wachtmeister decided to enter a solitary retreat. An experience which he describes as a long walk through the valley of shadow of death. Painful as it was, Tutteji survived, and returned as an embodiment of the centaur Chiron, the archetype of the wounded healer.

In this intimate, moving and deeply personal account, one of the world’s most dynamic spiritual leaders gives us a report from the cutting edge of spiritual healing.

With unparalleled candor, aplomb, integrity and humility, and coupled with an unresistable, self-ironic wit, They Call Me Chiron will surely count as one of the truly great spiritual autobiographies of all times.
– Ken Dillinger

From the Introduction:

Since I decided to withdraw as head of one of the world’s most successful spiritual organizations, I have received countless and often quite touching letters and emails from students around the world. What happened? they ask. How can we help? And, most often, When will you be back?

I have decided to respond in the form of an autobiographical book, going against my own, intensely private nature. For someone like me, it is not an easy thing to talk about myself and my own inner life. However, I have been convinced that my experiences may be of some value for others, and have decided to share with you where I am now in my journey.

I want to acknowledge that the time I’ve spent in the desert has been very challenging as well as sobering. Most importantly, it has shown me that even the most advanced of my students are not superhuman, but just ordinary guys who have made some hurtful decisions.

I have spent this time in solitary retreat engaging in deep self-reflection, however, cultivating a spirit of forgiveness. And is in that spirit I have resumed my responsibilities as teacher and head of the International Tutteji Foundation.

After a period that could perhaps be described as a dark night of the soul, I have made some life-changing decisions that may or may not affect some of you. I will be simplifying and scaling down both my life and work and not being such a public and visible person, and I have made a solemn vow take better care of myself.

During the turmoil I came to the edge of the cliff and was forced to leap, letting go of everything. This released a great deal of weight and pressure on my shoulders and in my heart.

As I move forward in my life I am not throwing away or rejecting anything that I embody, being a lineage holder in several of the world’s greatest wisdom traditions, a spiritual Master and entrepeneur, but I am not identified with, nor attached to any of these labels, nor to any particular path or method of teaching, only doing what works to awaken sentient beings to the Oneness of Body, Mind and Market.

I will continue to work with all students who have chosen to work with me in a heartfelt way, who recognize and know what and who I am. I have been driven to the edge and forced to leap only to find true freedom by letting go of all beliefs and systems, including Ayn Rand’s view and Margaret Thatcher’s view. I am now simply teaching the Tutteji Vision™, guided by my own vision. The people I will be working with are those willing to take the same leap of faith.

I am both inspired and excited about the future. I feel that I am once again a beginner. My heart and soul are calling me home and back to the source. I feel that I am returning to the world as a renewed Healer as well as an Entrepeneur and a spiritual consultant. What I am still committed to is continuing to clarify and grow, being conscious and awake, with compassion towards the Spirit, the Market and Myself, the shining Trinity that in its essence is only a reflection of the One.

I take full credit for my life and what I have created and am completely accountable for my actions and reactions. I have no hard feelings towards anyone, even my critics. I only hope that I haven’t  created too much harm and suffering in order to learn the lessons that I needed to learn so far in this life. This life is truly a wonderful gift, being part of this global Market, at this time in history.

It is my sincere hope that the story of my recent journey will contribute to a better world.

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