Lavrentiy Beria’s The Art of HRM

The Art of HRM. The Russian Classic on Human Resource Management

by Lavrentiy Beria
Translated by Ken Dillinger
298 pages
Paperback $29.95

Lavrentiy Beria (1899-1953) was not only one of the world’s most powerful men, but a genuine, if often misunderstood and sadly misrecognized, pioneer in the field of Human Resource Management as well. In addition,  he was also an awesome transintegral theorist and practitioner avant la lettre
– Ken Dillinger (from the Introduction)

Engaging with what is undeniably a great underground classic of Communism, updating and reframing it for a spiritual context, and making it both relevant and marketable for today’s world, Ken Dillinger’s work is a tour de force of both creative scholarship and entrepeneurial spirit.
– Tutteji Wachtmeister

Like Machiavelli’s The prince, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, and the Book of Five Rings, Lavrentiy Beria’s The Art of HRM is as timely for business people and spiritual leaders on all levels today as it was in the Soviet Union of the 1930s.

Written during the great purge, more than 70 years ago, this classic was originally conceived as a practical handbook for NKVD officers. Its terse, aphoristic essays are unsurpassed both in their comprehensiveness and depth of understanding of the human psyche. Indeed, the precepts outlined by Beria have proven applicable outside the realm of realpolitik. Today The Art of HRM is read avidly by Russian politicians and executives as well as by a growing number of cutting-edge transintegral visionaries.

As a guide to the management of organizations in conflict, The Art of HRM applies to challenges and conflicting agendas in general, on every level from the interpersonal to the international to the kosmic and beyond.

Providing a much-needed translation of Beria’s classic, Ken Dillinger has made this powerful and unique work even more relevant to the contemporary world of spiritual human resource management. Including an explanatory introduction and extensive commentaries, this edition makes The Art of HRM perfectly accessible to modern readers. Learn how to:

  • Prune your organization to bring out the best in your co-workers
  • Allow your co-workers to develop through challenges
  • Get over sentimental attachments to what is no longer of use
  • Create enthusiasm and unity of purpose
  • Establish natural hierarchy based on spiritual principles

Having studied Beria’s groundbreaking work on HRM, and applied its simple yet elegant principles in my demanding work as moderator of several cutting-edge Facebook discussion boards, I can testify to its timeless qualities.
– Eugen Masturbov, Political Commisar, Russian Federation of Clinical Transintegralists

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