Herbert Sagn: Transintegral Sexuality and Natural Hierarchy


Transintegral Sexuality and Natural Hierarchy
by Herbert Sagn, Ph.D, M.D.
398 pages
Cloth. $49.95

Today there is a bewildering diversity of multi-memetic views on gender relations, sexuality, and natural hierarchy in the context of spiritual practice. It has been estimated to exist more than three hundred distinct and valuable perspectives on these burning topics. With scientists, economists, ethicists, feminists, philosophers, and integralists often taking completely different stances on the issues – how can we come to agreement to solve our toughest interpersonal problems?

In response to this pressing need, Transintegral Sexuality and Natural Hierarchy unites valuable insights from multiple perspectives into a comprehensive theoretical framework – one that can be put to use right now, in the intimacy of your bedroom, in a workplace setting, or in the world of politics. The framework is based on Transintegral theory™, and is the result of over a decade of research exploring the myriad perspectives available to us today and their respective methodologies.

Dozens of real-life applications and examples of this framework currently in use are examined, including three in-depth case studies: teacher-student relations in an international Buddhist sangha informed by the theoretical work of Marquis de Sade; anti-feminist networking in Sweden informed by Transintegral theory™, and a study of the application of Transintegrally informed kink in the erotic sevice business in Boulder, Co.

In addition, eighteen personal practices of transformation are provided for you to increase your own Transintegral awareness and pleasure, including detailed instructions on how to utilize whips, leashes, gagging devices and other contraptions in your interpersonal relations.

Transintegral Sexuality and Natural Hierarchy provides the most sophisticated application and extension of Transintegral theory™ available today , and as such it serves as a template for any truly transintegral effort.


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