Rev. Szandor Zephyr: Transintegral Satanism. The Transforming Power of Evil

Transintegral Satanism. The Transforming Power of Evil

by Rev. Szandor Zephyr
398 pages
Cloth $39.95

The message on the Facebook wall said, ”I am in a lovely, integrally informed meditation group mostly made up of those with an alt.spirituality background and outlook. But when I share about invoking Satan and fornicating with him during deep meditation, they seem to be uncomfortable. Why is that?”

Many of us have asked ourselves that same question. Why do so many postmodern and trans/integrally informed folks from ”alternative” backgrounds seem to trade in such fun, exciting, and potentially even profitable forms of practice for conventional meditation? Even today, it is cool to be seen meditating or participate in Sufi dancing or sweat lodges, or take hallucinogens, but awkward and embarrassing to be caught participating in a black mass.

In this timely and provocative book, Rev. Szandor Zephyr (author of Answering the Call from The Netherworld), explores a truly transintegral approach to Satanism, its theory and practice, that identifies, honors, and includes the very best of all the world’s satanic traditions. A timeless form of devil worshop that will speak to postmodern men and women from all backgrounds. A spirituality that makes Satan cool again.

From the Introduction:
I believe that the radical unity of body, mind, and market articulated by Tutteji and Ken Dillinger is the most significant breakthrough in modern times for Satanists and others toward a more inclusive and transintegral approach to Evil. Tutteji says: ”To make a perfect success story of our lives, we must embrace greed, aggression, and narcissism. It is all too easy for us to become lost in one of these ‘faces’ of Satan at the expence of the others. Transintegral Satanism™ will allow you to integrate all three aspects of the Satanic and let hem become part of your daily life.

The simple but effective practice described in this book is not just a new approach to self-deveopment and higher awareness, but a way of making sense of – and profit from – the full spectrum of rituals, sacrifices, and incantations for cultivating a more comprehensive, and transintegral life of profitable evil.

The very practical approach to demon worship you find in Transintegral Satanism™ condenses East and West, ancient and cutting edge within a highly flexible and contemporary system available for anyone who sincerely desires to descend into the realm of netherworldly pleasures.

Rev. Szandor Zephyr’s transintegral approach to Satanism and Devil worship is, simply put, the most complete, the most articulate, the most comprehensive, the most inclusive, and the most effective one to appear in the last three or four thousand years. And he is not only Evil incarnate, but a great human being as well. And at 70 he still looks hot. Having people like Szandor around reminds you what a glorious time this is. It’s been estimated that 10% of the world’s population is on the brink of falling into hell. I can’t imagine a better guide than Szandor on that unforgettable, eternal trip.
– Ken Dillinger

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