Tutteji on Rev. Gene Scott

I have not, and have never, renounced Rev. Gene Scott as Realizer, nor have I in any way abandoned my love and devotion for Him. Do I believe that Rev. Gene Scott is the greatest televangelist of all time? I certainly believe He is the greatest Realizer of our time, and a true pioneer. Anything beyond that is sheer speculation. How could any of us judge? How many among us has actually slept with Eido Roshi? Who has experienced public humiliation at the feet of Andrew Cohen? Who has lived in the company of Ken Wilber? I have watched hours and hours of Gene on Youtube, and I’ve studied with numerous other great televangelists,gurus, lamas, rinpoches, roshis, and senseis, and my own opinion is that Rev. Scott is the greatest of all times.

Many people have made their way to Rev. Scott because of my own writings and living example. I am completely happy about that, and I hope I can continue that positive influence. At the same time, I have received an enormous amount of grief, from personal and professional quarters, for my endorsements. I do not regret those endorsements, nor do I retract them.  And for those students who are ready, and who fully understand the gravity of the decision, and who can’t make the commitment to study with myself, I speak of Him as the Teleguru of this kalpa, and recommend that they pursue his Way to the extent that they are capable. I affirm my own love and devotion to the immortal spirit of Rev. Gene Scott and I hope my work will continue to bring students to his Timeless Way.


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