It’s like reading The Onion and thinking, “Man, this is actually not as bad as reality.”

ubermenschThe vulgar evolutionism of Integral theory is obviously appealing to some marginalized and stupid people today, sort of how the Nazi movement offered both a career opportunity and a place on the imagined cutting edge of humanity for the marginalized and stupid in Germany after WW I.

I almost regretted pointing this out to one of the more prominent dimwits in the Transintegral Scholars Group a while back. (Why telling a painful truth to someone who obviously can’t handle the the truth?) Then someone showed me a particularly repugnant piece by an even more prominent idiot, Jeff Salzman.  This is what this “integralist, evolutionary, and  public commentator” has to say about an American attack on Syria:

If we can’t totally justify this move on the moral line of development, I think we can justify it on the aesthetic line. Either way, the move is clear and historically significant: the global modern culture is now powerful and coherent enough to impose rules on conflicts conducted in premodern cultures.

How do you make a parody of that?


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