On Dicks and Dimwits


The discussion linked to in the previous post recently spilled over to the Speculative Non Buddhism site, where Glenn Wallis brings up the subject of x-buddhist reactions to the SNB project. By coincidence, I just had a bizarre discussion about the same thing with a certain David Riley, alias Rev. Vajra Dharmasamvara.

To be fair, I don’t know if Reverend Dave qualifies as an ”x-buddhist teacher”, or if he’s simply a blogger with a fancy name and title from some ordination mill. It doesn’t really matter, as his understanding of SNB seems fairly representative. You can read the whole thing here.

EDIT: Actually, you can’t read the whole thing, as a couple of comments have been removed. Not that it matters much in this case, but it’s probably good to know that deleting comments and banning participants from online conversations is a common practice in the wonderful world of x-buddhism. (More on this issue here.)


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