Coming Soon: The Transintegral Bedroom

bedroomWelcome to The Transintegral Bedroom –
For the best fornication of your life

Yes, the event is almost here. As you’re reading this, our staff is arranging the bedrooms and stocking the minibars while we are shaping our intentions for this exceptional gathering of the most cutting-edge spiritual teachers of today.

Tickets are sold-out, but you can still join us for

Transintegral’s Best Practices in We-Space

A free group telephone conversation
in advance of The Transintegral Bedroom event in Boulder, Co

hosted by Tabitha and Dick Ohlzon
Friday evening, 9/20
7pm MT (6PC/9ET)
FREE: just dial in and join us
Call 1-530-216-72294, PIN 4637045

We’ve had some killer conversations with Tutteji around the intersubjectively sensual aspects of profitable living that we’re really excited to share with you. The intention around this gathering is already being co-created by the energy of these conversations, which is why we don’t want you to miss this call!

Here are some of the questions we’ve been exploring with Tabitha and Tutte:

  • What is the enlightened experience of Profitable Sacred Sexuality™?
  • Are there structure, as well as state-stages of virtual tantric sex?
  • What is the relationship of the profitable to the pleasurable in We-spaces?
  • What methods and practices support our highest enjoyment and mutual benefits of each other?
  • Is there room for conflict and strong emotional expression?
  • How can we prepare ourselves for our pillow-biting time together in The Transintegral Bedroom?
  • Are we ready to participate in a pomosexually informed Transintegral community?

We hope you can make it.

Tabitha, Dick and Tutteji

P.S. This is all leading up to a four-day immersion this fall, of course: The Transintegral Beedroom gathering at the Integral Center in Boulder, November 1 to November 5.

The event is sold out but we hope you can make the call. You can also add your name to the waiting list and we’ll contact you if there’s an opening.


One thought on “Coming Soon: The Transintegral Bedroom

  1. Gracious Sir,

    It looks as if you forgot to mention the upcoming Transintegral Bedroom event bonus extra for premium subscribers, namely, a stunning piece of transgressive performance art enacted by Zenboy Young and Mushy Burr Sensei, fresh from their triumphal appearance on the “Getting a Handle on Scandal” program at the 2013 Buddhist Geeks Conference.

    It’s scheduled to take place in the “Sasaki Ballroom” and will include a guest appearance by Roshi, himself.

    Who knows what those three will get up to but I can guarantee this, zenboy will have his wish fulfilling jewels grabbed and fondled, while Mushy Sensei sings a doha in tribute to Sasaki’s elan vital.

    Sources close to the three have intimated that they are in the last stages of negotiation to produce and star in a TV series entitled “Groped by a Roshi.”

    Perhaps, we’ll learn more at the actual event.

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