Two New Books by Don Huckabee

huckabee1The Profitable Self.
A Radical Approach to Personal Evolution for Greater Success in Life
by Don Huckabee
198 pages
Hardback $29.95 

The Profitable Self offers a unique perspective on the future of you. Explore transintegral adulthood through a new lens as you tour the many dangers facing the contemporary entrepeneur. Gain rare clarity into some of the highest stages of development. Learn how the trap of idiot humility may be holding your influence in the world back in virtually every facet of life. Enjoy this rare invitation into the courage for you to become more of a profitable self. 

 Save thousands of dollars by understanding the origin of inadequacy.
 Go beyond the limitations of idiot humility and sentimental spirituality.
 Free yourself from the trap of incompleteness.
 Leverage paradox to fuel greater influence and impact in the world.
 Discover never-before-seen ways to free yourself from limiting habits.

Clear, Lucid, and Powerful!
– Ken Dillinger

huckabee2The Bodhisattva’s Path to Success
by Don Huckabee
198 pages
Hardback $29.95 

The goal of management in most businesses, large or small, is to get people to work together successfully and harmoniously  This practical manual shows how Buddhist principles can be used to transform the workplace into a a highly creative environment in which people are capable of maximizing profit. Using ancient Tibetan texts,  The Bodhisattva’s Path to Success shows how  time-tested, spiritual methods can be used in a modern business environment with stunning success. 

By applying Buddhist principles to the workplace Don Huckabee provides new insights into the true meaning of profit and the importance of enlightened management. He shows how to relax under pressure while maintaining full control over your business. More than just a book on achieving success, The Bodhisattva’s Path to Success is about creating profit for shareholders as well as creating an enlightened society.

Packed with exercises and techniques tailored for today’s workplace, The Bodhisattva’s Path to Success shows how to draw the best out of ourselves, investors, and employees to create the productive, balanced, and happy business in which everyone’s dreams come true.

 Save thousands of dollars by applying spiritual principles.
 Learn practical, time-tested and deeply spiritual methods to increase profit.
✓ Learn  dynamic, time-tested exercises that will make you a successful bodhisattva
 Free yourself from the trap of sentimental, unprofitable spirituality

 Powerful, lucid, and clear!
– Ken Dillinger

About the author

donDon Huckabee, author of The Profitable Self and The Bodhisattva’s Path to Success, is recognized as a cutting edge Transintegral scholar-practitioner. Don specializes in helping individuals and corporations resolve their persistent painful limitations to become more powerful, proficient and aligned with the way things are.

Don is a skilled psychotherapist, coach, scholar, and transintegral tantric Master. He runs his own private practice in Boulder, Colorado, serving countless clients wold wide.

Don is a professor of evolutionary and tranintegral psychology at Richard M Nixon University, and has been lecturing on Transintegral psychology and Human Evolution for nearly a decade in a number of academic and professional programs. He received his geshe degree in Transintegral Tantra™ from the New Nalanda Online University, and is widely recognized as a bleeding edge tantric scholar-practitioner.

Ron has contributed to the Transintegral movement over several years as an inspiring scholar-practitioner. While working with Ken Dillinger and the Tranisntegral Institute he served as one of the core faculty for the Transintegral Practice-For-Success seminar series. His expertise includes and transcends the intersection of transintegral practice, evolutionary market dynamics and transintegral colon cleansing.


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