Dietrich Trolle, Spiritual Teacher and Cutting-Edge Theorist

trolleA former fashion model, successful businessman, and brilliant scholar – Dietrich Trolle challenges the popular view of the spiritual teacher as someone who can’t make it in the real world. Born in Germany, he was elected “Mr Vaterland” when still attending the Gymnasium and would later receive a M.Sc in Business Informatics from the prestigious Mannheim Business School before founding the highly successful Integral IT AG.

At the age of 27, a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of his life. Since then, Dietrich has been devoted to the work of integrating his deep spiritual enlightenment with a theoretical and intuitive grasp of market dynamics. After moving to the US in his early 30s, Dietrich begun a period of intensive study with Ken Dillinger, and received a PhD in Quantum Linguistic Programming from Richard M Nixon University. Dietrich is currently working with individuals and small groups in New York, London, Berlin, Singapore, and Shanghai.

Dietrich is the author of two books: The Power of $ (currently being translated into 33 languages) and the highly acclaimed follow-up A New Market, both widely regarded as among of the most influential spiritual books of our time.

powerof$The Power of $ A Guide to Enlightened Prosperity
by Dietrich Trolle
128 pages $14.95

To make the journey into financial success and spiritual enlightenment we need to leave behind the false, dualistic disctinction between the two. From the very first page of this extraordinary book, we move rapidly into a significantly higher altitude where we breathe a lighter air. We become connected to the indestructible essence of our Being. ”The Eternal, ever present One Market beyond the myriad forms of life that are subject to birth and death.”

Although the journey is challenging, Dietrich Trolle uses simple language and an easy question and answer format to guide us. A word of mouth phenomenon which has since become a highly lucrative business, the teachings of Dietrich Trolle as expressed in this book is one of those rare turns of spirituality with the power to create not only a subjective experience in readers, but profound, measurable changes for the better in their lives and business.

anewmarketA New Market. Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose
by Dietrich Trolle
128 pages $14.95

Building on the astonishing success of The Power of $, Dietrich Trolle presents readers with an honest look at the current state of humanity: He implores us to see and accept that this state, which is based on an erroneous idealization of the welfare state is one of dangerous insanity.

Trolle tells us there is good news, however. There is an alternative to this potentially dire situation. Humanity now, perhaps more than in any previous time, has an opportunity to create a new, saner, and loving society. This will involve a radical inner leap from the current obsession with the egoic ideals of the welfare state to an entirely new state of spirit and market liberation.

In illuminating the nature of this shift in consciousness, Trolle describes in detail how our current ego-based state of consciousness operates. Then gently, and in very practical terms, he leads us into this new consciousness. We will come to experience who we truly are—which is something infinitely greater than anything we currently think we are—and learn to live, breathe – and profit from – things as they are.

I would do anything to get in bed with Dietrich Trolle.
– Madonna

I would’ve done anything to get Dietrich Trolle on my show.
– Oprah

I’ll do anything to make sure Dietrich Trolle gets the Nobel Peace Prize
– Anonymous member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Let me state this as strongly as I can: The work of Dietrich Trolle is arguably the most important and original contribution to spirituality, political thought, economy, and quantum metaphysics in the last four or five hundred years. It is an astonishingly profound and profitable path for waking up and realizing your fullest potential in this world. What Dietrich is teaching is not only the most original discovery in all these, and many other, fields, it is also an unbelievably simple, quick, and effective practice.
– Ken Dillinger


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