Tutte Wachtmeister: Be There Now! A Spiritual Teacher’s Response to His Critics

betherenowBe There Now! A Spiritual Teacher’s Response to His Critics
by Tutte Wachtmeister
128 pages
Paperback $14.95

Where there is light, there is shadow. It seems as if all successful spiritual teachers receive the unwanted attention from low-level, envious, hateful nihilists and scumbags. The Buddha had to deal with Devadatta, Christ with Judas, Meister Eckhart with the Inquisition, and so on. In our time, masters like Sasaki, Eido, Genpo, Baker, Sogyal, Gafni, and Cohen have all suffered at the hands of the Internet lynch mobs.

As for myself, I normally rest in the True Self where no criticism of me and my work can disrupt the radiant luminosity of the liberated Mind. But occassionally the noise from my so-called critics gets so lound, and so toxic that it would be irresponsible to ignore it. These ”people” simply need to understand that libel and slander come at a cost. This book is their bill.

The ”scholarship” in these criticisms is so deranged as to be laughable, were it not for the toxic effect it has on the greater spiritual market. And the frustrated cries from failed students who were not willing or able to walk the path prepared by their teachers are made worse by the fact that this howling is often directed at leading figures in the field. It seems as if every sexually inhibited feminist or raging communist punk with a Kalashnikov comes gun-slinging for your ass when you’ve reached some spiritual altitude. And I’m tired of picking lead out of my butt, and so this book should be seen as a few shots in self-defense. Fired with all the mindfuness, compassion, and loving-kindness I can muster.

Now, will you please shut the fuck up and suck my dick, you motherfucking punks!


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