Tutteji Wachtmeister: The Lounge Series

tutteloungeEvery week, a small group of Tutte Wachtmeister’s closest students and consorts gather together in his lounge area, where we all share general updates from various points in the overall transintegral market. More often than not Tutteji walks into the room wearing something outrageously cool, serving us something unbelievably delicious, together with some stunning bit of transcendent wisdom – surprising, right? We began to feel just a little guilty keeping these gems for ourselves, so we decided to start recording these precious moments and share them with you all. These intimate and lucid moments have been recorded by our friend, Vajran Welch, the über-geek himself, and edited/guissed up by Hillary Hilton Roshi, by many considered the most innovative and tranisntegrally interpellated Zen master of our time.

These are some of the highest-quality recordings you can find on the spiritual market, in terms of both audio-visual fidelity and theoretical/practical content. This collection represents some of the latest movements in Tutteji’s own thinking – much of what Tutteji says has yet to be written down, implemented, and made profitable, and until now it has lived only in his supremely fertile mind. Now it can live in yours too.

hilma1Five Reasons You’re Not a Winner
(And Five Ways To Stop Being a Loser)

If nothing is separate from the Market, if everything is one with the Global Economy, then why is it so hard to become successful? In this exclusive new teaching by Tutteji, we explore five simple shifts of strategy to help you realize your already-successful condition, right here and now … Read more

hilma4From Barter to Banking and Beyond

In this installation of the Lounge Series, Tutte Wachtmeister takes us on a blistering guided tour through the evolution of the Market, describing how each face of Market spirituality has evolved from primitive barter to the  complex and transintegral market of the present moment … Read more


hilma2What if The Desert Fathers and The Stylites had been on Twitter?

In this lively and visionary talk, Tutteji outlines his vision of a truly post-post-post modern spirituality, integrating the wisdom of the desert with the marketing opportunities offered by social media … Read more


hilma3Limitless Life, Inc

The maximum average human life is currently 82 years. Imagine if that were to quadruple over the next few decades. Then consider the implications of human life extending toward 10.000 or 20.000 years. What would your life be like now, what kind of longue durée investments would you make? Read more


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