The Great Colorado Stupa


Finally our collective dream became a reality, as countless sponsors and entrepeneurs involved with this project knew it would.

At dawn on October 2nd, after Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho finished his non-stop meditation on the Buddha aspect of the global market, our wondeful new stupa, dedicated to Ayn Rand, was inaugurated. The ceremony was headed by Tutteji Dai Osho himself together with a contingent of important lamas and rinpoches from nearby Galt’s Gulch Gompa.

The ceremony began with Tutteji himself blessing the 5 ft revolving dollar sign made of gilded Rearden metal crowning the stupa. After installing relics of Ayn Rand, including a complete set of dentures donated by the Ayn Rand Archives, and a complete set of the bibliophile edition of Rand’s collected works, the lamas carefully sealed the stupa and began a 9-hour circumambulation, continously reciting the Om Maha Muni John Galt Svaha-mantra. 

The weather changed completely during these ceremonies, and everything was very auspicious. Rainbows appeared together with hailstorms, thunder, and a sudden snowfall, turning the Colorado skies into a wonderful manifestation of the dynamic aspect of the free market.

May many beings realize the unity of Mind and Market and Gain Success in this life and the next by the power generated by this stupa.

Om Maha Muni John Galt Svaha!


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