The MetaTransIntegral Foundation

MTIF envisions a global civilization that is wise, compassionate, and thriving. Our mission is to foster the emergence of transintegral philosophy and practice on a global scale, and pushing what is always already the case: The end of history, the imminent quantum leap of spiritual evolution, and the establishment of a 1000 year, global Market.

In cities, universities, governments, and spiritual communities all around the world there are people for whom a transintegral planet needs no explanation. This would-be planet pulses within us. It is our heart beating, and our reason for being—we stand for transintegralism, and in this we are no different than brave souls like Ayn Rand or Margaret Thatcher who contributed to the birth of Transintegralism itself. We can only hope to be so profound and pioneering. The question is, how?

For other people—for the vast majority of humanity, the question is “what.” What is the meaning of a transintegral, global market? And “so what”. Of what value to ‘me’ is transintegral thought and action?

The MetaTransIntegral Foundation was birthed with these questions in mind, and the beating heart and pounding boner of the Foundation is something we call the Transintegral Planet Endowment.

As transintegral scholar-practitioners in solidarity and healthy, productive competition, the more you and I can free ourselves and fund our projects the greater impact we will have on the planet. The greater our impact, the more funding we are likely to receive. So goes the feedback loop—of how we can enact our TRANSintegral vision, and of what value we can communicate to others.

This is the whole point of MetaTransIntegral Foundation—to create an organizational ecosystem that networks the global transintegral community on a platform for professional application and sustainable, global expansion! And it’s the specific purpose of the Transintegral Planet Endowment­­—our project is to establish a $500 million fund for your transintegral projects!

This is the “meta” move we are making with MetaTransintegral. We believe it will be a game-changer for transintegral practitioners. Less certain, but ultimately hoped-for is this: the sum total of our actions and contributions will help humanity reach a tipping point that brings sweeping change to the world.

Impacting 1000 Years
Our fragmented  world cries out for a transintegral planet. Clearly—if you have eyes to see—we are feeling our way toward it, in so many important ways. In addition to the increasing number of initiatives that have transintegral by their name, we can turn to more mainstream developments and point in general to: multidisciplinary research programs; whole-market thinking; whole-person education; cross-sector coordination; more profitable business; engaged anti-politics; the great story, or epic of evolution; history’s end, and much, much more.

In this context envisioning 1000 years is not an abstract utopian fantasy. It’s a concrete way of making what we do today and tomorrow count. Following the most visionary examples of the 20th century, we embrace a 1000-year vision as a practice of pragmatic imagination. It’s a way of taking serious this possibility: If we are mindful of how we engage with our life and our businesses now—at this critical moment of history marked by global challenges and opportunities­—we stand to have a long-lasting impact on the planet and the future of humanity.

This is the invitation of MetaTransintegral Foundation and we stand ready for you to join us. Let us stand together and share in a great adventure. Together we celebrate and accelerate the movement toward a fully transintegral planet, bringing prosperity and happiness for all!



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