Sound of The Invisible Hand: New Koans by Tutteji Wachtmeister

soundThe Sound of the Invisible Hand.  New Koans
by Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho
248 pages
Paperback $14.95

Zen is famous for koans: those bizarre and seemingly unanswerable questions Zen masters pose to their students to check their realization. Fear of koans keeps some people from ever giving Zen practice a try. Most Zen teachers would also agree that traditional koan study is a waste of time, leaving the student unable to deal with real-world issues.

But Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho’s new book, offering a rare glimpse of a modern, inventive Zen master work with his students, gives you the opportunity to see the true potential of koan training: A skillful, lively practice for attaining a deep understanding of things that really matter.

Sound of The Invisble Hand presents the core system of ten koans written by Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho and used by him and his Dharma heirs. Working through these cases, the modern Zen student will gain a deep and empowering understading of both the static and dynamic aspects of the Free Market. Each of the ten koans is illuminated by actual interchanges between Tutteji Dai Osho and his students that show what the practice is all about: a process of coming to trust one’s own wisdom, the wisdom of the Market, and – ultimately – their co-arising interdependence.

What Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho has done is not only the most original invention in Buddhism since Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind Process. It is an unbelievably simple, sustainable  and cost-effective form of koan training.  In Zen, the realization of one’s True Nature, or Ultimate Reality, is called kensho or satori (“seeing into one’s True Nature).  It often takes five years or more of extremely difficult practice (I know, I’ve done it) in order for a profound satori to occur.  With Tutteji’s new and improved koan system,  a genuine kensho can occur in about an hour—seriously.  Once you get it, you can do it virtually any time you wish, and almost instantaneously.  And what makes all this a truly outstanding invention is this: The Tutteji koan system gives you an unsurpassable understanding of contemporary market dynamics. You will, and I mean this literally, be able to hear the sound of the invisible hand as it effortlessly guides you through the subtleties of contemporary business. Tutteji’s work is nothing less than a bodhisattvic response to the cries of the world.
– Ken Dillinger


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