Ken Dillinger: Transintegral Conspiracism

Ken-DillingerTransintegral Conspiracism. A Startling New Role for Paranoic Thought in The Post-Post Modern World
by Ken Dillinger
228 pages
Cloth $29.95

The goal of transintegral conspiracism is to honor and embrace every legitimate form of conspiracy theorizing. Ken Dillinger’s new book, a veritable tour de force of rigorous scholarship and intellectual clarity, presents one of the first truly transintegral models of the hidden power structures and hierarchies behind the matrix of everyday consciousness. Drawing on hundreds of sources, integrating our knowledge of Zionism, Feminism, Freemasonry, the global warming hoax, Lacanianism, Deconstruction, AIDS, 9/11, fake moon landings, Hohlwelten-denial, New World Order, Eurabia, HAARP, The Illuminati, The Bilderberg LSD-experiments, The Roswell cover-up, Chemtrails, The Israel-Palestine fluorization program, The Masonic-Gay-Nigger-Jew scheme, Semitic science and many other conspiracies Transintegral Conspiracism completely rewrites our approach to these threats.

What would each of those conspiracies look like if we wholeheartedly accepted the existence of a Master Conspiracy behind them? In a stunning display of transintegral scholarship, Dillinger weaves these various fragments together into a coherent and shocking vision for the post-post modern world.

As a bonus for our bibliophile customers, we have printed a small, exclusive collector’s edition of 100 numbered copies of Transintegral Conspiracism with a striking misspelling on the cover. This is a genuine, museum high quality bibliophile limited edition individual scholarly book in a slipcase individually signed and numbered by the author. Authentic autographs greatly enhance the value of any book and make for thoughtful gifts, or a striking addition to your own, private library.

Advance Praise for Transintegral Conspiracism

Ken Dillinger is a national treasure. No one is working at the integration of Eastern and Western conspiracy literature with such depth or breadth or mind and heart as he.
– Andy Con, Spiritual Teacher

In the transhuman age to come, virtual historians may well view Dillinger’s revelation of a Master Conspiracy as the pivotal insight that triggered the transintegral singularity. For this exciting – and frightening – page-turner, the future owes him  a millenial debt.
– Jerry Patton, Transintegral visionary and coach

In a single publication, Dillinger strides over the entire recorded history of conspiracies, from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion to Gender Trouble, while at the same time creating new and comprehensive strategies for human and post-human survival in the 21st century.
– Don Dick, coauthor of The Evolutionist’s Coloring Book

Transintegral Conspiracism is so all-encompassing, lucid, and well written that Ken Dillinger deserves the recognition of having single-mindedly brought conceptual order to the Truth Movements
Carolyn Walsh, author of 500 Irrefutable Arguments That Quantum Theory is a Zionist Hoax


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