Tutte Wachtmeister: The Future of Spirituality – Why It Must Be Profitable

futureIf the Buddha, Saint Theresa, or an enlightened 1990s guru went on the Internet today, would they find themselves in need of some serious spiritual catching up to do? The answer, says Tutte Wachtmeister, is yes. In this video teaching series, viewers explore the profound ways that spirituality is evolving today, and why it matters to all of us.

Transintegral evolutionary thinkers today are seeing a burst of accelerating shifts both in human consciousness and the global market itself: in their emotional and cognitive lines of intelligence, their creative and moral capacities, their sense of expansion, and more. And as this landscape of knowledge and profit grows, so does the potential of our own spiritual lives—in ways that even meditation, entrepeneurship, hedge funding and other tradtional practices alone cannot provide.

What is the evidence for this upward spiral in our collective, interpersonal spiritual and financial intelligence? And if it’s true, how do we experience these shifts directly and – most importantly – make them profitable for ourselves?

The new, visionary Future of Spirituality teachings of Tutte Wachtmeister explores these emerging possibilities to help you discover their profound influences in your own life and in the world around you.

This candid, heart-to-heart conversation between Tutte Wachtmeister and Ken Dillinger turns the spotlight to the ways that spirituality, economy, and politics are evolving right now, and why it matters to all of us on a meditative or contemplative spiritual path.

Join Tutteji in these intimate and lively video sessions as he delves deeply into many compelling topics, including:

  • The core of transintegral spirituality: “Spirit wants to become successful”
  • Waking up and making money—two interrelated and essential processes
  • Freedom and profit, the two dimensions of spiritual emergence
  • How our place in the global market shapes our deepest inner experiences
  • How the teachings of Ayn Rand and Margaret Thatcher are transforming transintegral spirituality
  • Do all paths really perform equally?
  • Six states of consciousness: gross, subtle, casual, witness, non-dual, and profitable
  • If the One Market is formless and infinite, who needs investment plans and financial advisors?
  • Enlightenment as a stage in your career and part of your personal brand, not a final goal or an event
  • On karma and reincarnation: what happens to your assets when you die?
  • The shape of things to come: new spiritual markets yet to emerge

“The enlightened person of today and of 2,000 years ago are equally free,” says Tutteji. But now, for the first time in human history, we have the potential for a far more expansive, fuller spiritual experience, including financial success.. This is the territory that you are invited to explore, with The Future of Spirituality.

What You’ll Receive:

Six and a half hours of footage, in beautiful high-definition resolution. You’ll join Tutte Wachtmeister, in conversation with Ken Dillinger, for six teaching sessions exploring how Spirit and Market, manifesting as One, is now unfolding in the world and how to bring its emerging possibilities into your own life. The entire video series is yours to keep and enjoy as you widen and deepen your perspectives on the evolution of Spirit, the Market, and your own journey. (Digital only, m4v format, 1280 x 720)

digital Video Version (Digital Download)
$399 $249

This extraordinary video collection is priced at $399, but you can purchase now for just $249. (Digital download only. This is not a DVD!)
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Audio Version (6-CD set)

audio-cd-versionYou can also purchase an audio-only version of The Future of Spirituality for just $199.95. Includes 6 audio CDs. (Audio only.)
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3 thoughts on “Tutte Wachtmeister: The Future of Spirituality – Why It Must Be Profitable

  1. I have lots of inherited money and very little common sense. Having just returned from a trip to India, where I saw a lot of dirty people bathing in some smelly river, I decided to fly back home (stopped in Monaco for some shopping) and resume my spiritual journey, after a spa week, of course. Where may I send a big check to Tutteji, so that I feel spiritually connected with you?

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