A Tribute to Tutteji Wachtmeister


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Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and Tutteji at the Transintegral Stewardship Summit 2013.

You’ve heard it before: we are all standing on the shoulders of giants. Everything we do in this moment rests upon everything that we’ve inherited from the previous moment. We are reaching out to ourselves through centuries of accumulated ambition, innovation, and illumination, stretching through the muck and glory of human history. This is how our collective knowledge and wisdom continues to grow and expand from generation to generation—passed on from giant to giant, each picking up where the previous left off, while adding a new unique piece to the puzzle.

That is why we are so excited to celebrate one of the biggest and most important giants around: the one and only Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho, award-winning Spiritual Teacher, Transintegral theorist, Successful entrepreneur, tender lover of mankind,  Bodhisattva for our postmodern times, Avatar of the 21st Century, dazzling visionary, Transmitter of the Dharma, cutting-edge Pathfinder of the interior void, and much, much more.

For those of us who have consumed his work and had his wisdom penetrate our own lives and illuminate our True Self, we know that we are now standing on Tutteji’s shoulders as we are gathering at his feet. As Jack Critter says, “the 21st century literally has three choices: Nietzsche, Ken Wilber, or Tutteji.” Those are some mighty shoulders indeed.

We are fortunate enough to have inherited Tutteji’s unique vision of a Transintegrated World as Market. We can feel this inheritance every day in our hearts, in our minds, and in our souls—inspiring us, uplifting us, and urging us to leave the world just a little bit more whole, a little bit more profitable than we found it.

Which is why we wanted to offer Tutteji Dai Osho the public recognition and celebration that he deserves, so we can honor him with our most sincere blessings and gratitude for all he has given to us and to the world.

Let’s all honor Tutteji’s extraordinary life and legacy, paying tribute to all the incredible work he has done over the decades to put so many pieces of our One Market together, resulting in a radically new vision of life, spirit, and everything. It’s a vision that we have all come to know and love, calling us to become better men and women, entrepreneurs and stewards, to cultivate more wisdom and deeper compassion, and to live our lives with greater clarity, purpose, and authenticity, bringing prosperity to all.

Ken Dillinger
Bjarne Rydhielm
Jezebel Anderson
Geshe Likpa
Lizzie Lane
Bokki Cohen Sensei
Chuck Genkaku Johnzen Roshi
Aaliyah Lingam-Dorje
Anita Coy
Dietrich Trolle
Hillary Hilton Roshi
The Dharma Dorks Team
Aleksander Bilinski
Richard Dum Bo Carlson Roshi
Don Huckabee
Dick Ohlzon
Billy Lee
Kenneth R Lingam
Andy Con
Herbert Sagn
Rev. Szandor Zephyr
Evgenij Chernyshevsky
Hank Smisser
Vinnie ”Mad Dog” Barbato
Tom Typhoon
Slavoj Žgonc
Jack Critter
A L James
Jinpa Oliver
Lobsang Rampa
Phuntsok Rich
Vajran Welch
Gumpo Carlson Roshi
Wotan Roshi
Bill McCourt
Dick Divine

And many, many others



2 thoughts on “A Tribute to Tutteji Wachtmeister

  1. Inte säker på varför, men det verkar jag få ansluten till fel sida! Har försökt i timmar för att registrera sig, men … Förefaller mig Ken Wilber hacka din sida, Mästare Tutte.

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