Transintegral Associates Receives a Very Special Gift From The British Royal Family


Transintegral Associates, a cutting-edge installation at the heart of the International Tutteji Foundation Mandala, and one of the world’s leading psycho-spiritual consulting businesses,  has received a much coveted gift from the Royal Family – it joins the ranks of less than 200 companies honoured with holding the grant of The Prince of Wales’ Royal Warrant.

The warrant took effect from 1st December 2013 and has been approved for the next five years. It is a very public endorsement, not only of the quality of our offerings, but  also of our ethical and environmental credentials, all of which are strenuously scrutinised before HRH decides a company is fit to hold his Warrant and be styled ”By Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales”.

We’re interested in working with leaders who have a big agenda and are ready to do what it takes to create extraordinary, sustainable value for their organization, for their stakeholders, and for the world.

Are you one of them? Do you know others? Please get in touch and let us assist you in making human evolution more profitable.


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