The Siddhi Institute for Buddhist Studies


Since its establishment in November of 2013, The Siddhi Institute for Buddhist Studies has been and continues to be the only non-denominational Occult Buddhist educational program of its kind. Its mission is to prepare students who wish to become ordained Buddhist and/or Satanist priests, lay teachers, or simply well educated practitioners. The program’s curriculum is rigorous and many faceted. It enriches students by widening their perspectives. It provides structure by keeping in balance its three major areas of concentration: study, practice, and theory/application. The Siddhi Institute is part of the greater Tutteji Mandala and is fully committed to the Transintegral vision.

Our Mission
The Siddhi Institute for Buddhist Studies uses distance learning methodologies to provide adults throughout the world with opportunities to acquire the competencies and to apply the knowledge and skills needed to participate and function effectively in modern society as educated Buddhist and Occult practitioners and priests.

We are committed to spiritual cultivation within an integral Buddhist and Satanic framework, excellence in teaching, and preparing our graduates to meet both this World and the Netherworld as it is and to change them for the better.

Our Vision
The Siddhi Institute is committed to being a premier learning institution. This end is achieved through an uncompromising passion for excellence in providing educational opportunities for adult Learners that fosters integrity, critical thinking, devotional attitudes, professional knowledge, a transglobal view, and sangha leadership for a changing world.

Our Values
Values represent beliefs that the Institute holds in high regard and deems important. Siddhi Institute recognizes the keen interconnection of its organizational culture and the beliefs, values, and expectations that guide the behavior of the members of the institution. To achieve its Mission & Vision, Siddhi Institute affirms its values of Integrity, Innovation, Respect, Teamwork, Leadership, and Performance.


Rev. Barnabas Billings

Our Teacher
Rev. Barnabas Billings, Jongbok Sonsa-nim is the Supreme Zen Master and Abbot of The Siddhi Institute Rev. Barnabas is a self-ordained Black Bodhisattva Priest as well as a fully transmitted Teacher in several Zen Buddhist lineages. He began studying and practicing Buddhism and the occult arts at the Black Rain Left-Hand Unitarian Lodge in New Hampshire under the tutelage of Revs. Szandor Zephyr and Jimmy Mishma Dodge.

A former fully ordained Lama in the Tibetan Kagyu school, priest in the Japanese esoteric Tendai sect, and bhikku in the Thai Forest Tradition, Barnabas has received extensive teachings on both sutra and tantra. He has also practiced extensively in the Chinese Chan lineage of Master Xu Yun as well as in several Japanese Rinzai Zen lineages, and is an accomplished Master of Hwadu and Koan practice. He is also a certified Mindfulness Coach as well as an inveterate student of both Jedi  Arts and Sith Magick. In 2009, Barnabas received authorization as a Dharma Holder in the Korean Zen lineage, and in 2010 he received the ”final seal” or Inga (full and complete authorization as a Zen Master) from his Teacher, Bangbop Sonsa-nim, thus becoming the 82nd Patriarch in a highly prestigious lineage of Zen Masters.

Before founding The Siddhi Institute, Barnabas also served as Archbishop in The Apostolic Succession of the Independent, Original Catholic Church in Tepotzlán, Mexico. In his practice and teachings, he works to blend the Practices and Insights he has learned in all these traditions, creating a seamless Path integrating the esoteric and Esoteric, The Dark and The Light, The Satanic and The Divine.

Rev. Barnabas is also a well-known hacker, specializing in attacks on heretic websites, and his collection of vintage Star Trek figurines has won several prestigous awards at international Trekkie convents.

Apply Now
Siddhi Institute is seeking students who desire to build a new or expand upon their current knowledge base in Buddhist, Occult, and Transintegral Studies and who value a transintegrative, involved, multifaceted education process. Students with respect for and an appreciation of both eastern and western models of presenting innovative education are encouraged to apply.

This training is appropriate for people who have a commitment to Spiritual practice and teachings, along with an ongoing involvement in engaging with Buddhist and/or occult practice and teachings in daily life in service to others.

We ask that you have the following experience to be considered for this program:

  1. Have engaged in a regular and committed spiritual practice and related study for at least six months.
  2. Have received at least one Occult Inititiation.

For serious practitioners who do not meet the above requirements, please contact Siddhi Institute directly to see what individual considerations may be made.


6 thoughts on “The Siddhi Institute for Buddhist Studies

  1. This is frightening. Not because of the satanic element (whats one more black mass more or less?) but because the language used seem to me to be even more believable than usual (or am I imagining it?). Which means, for me anyway, that its getting mighty close to the bone and might have crossed the line that divides ‘transintergral’ shambolics from misguided attempts to pontificate on the ‘real’, Marxist, post-modern, continental, non-buddhist or otherwise. Maybe we non-buddhists do actually need an accomplished and fierce master to hold a mirror up to our self- important ‘discourses’ . An odd whack of the stick never did anyone any harm , as they used to say back in the old sod.

    • Something must be frightening. Here are a few recent responses to my work:

      You are an insult to the practice of Zen and Buddhism and you should know that most of us see through your bullshit…

      I don’t think it is done in jest or for narcissism….It is done with a sense of maliciousness and nastyness and attempting to anger others for a matter of control and mental illness….

      If it looks like bullshit and smells like bullshit, it is in all probability bullshit. You, Ken Dillinger, and Genpo Merzel have reputations for working together to fleece wealthy and upper-middle class people of money under the guise of instant or near instant enlightenment.

      Stop being such a liar and take of that rakusu. It is bad enough to defile the dharma, but you also defile the sangha by wearing it when others have made deep commitment to practice and it is a symbol of that.

  2. Yes, number three certainly looks like ‘a black hole of confusion and indignation’.
    Still ‘a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down , the medicine go down… ‘
    as Aunty Poppins used to say!

  3. This is a scam, most likely by Jim Lahey, this shitapple that never falls far from the shit tree! I still live in my old tool shed in the trailer park and ONLY WORSHIP KITTIES.

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