A Libertine in Robes: The Life and Times of Zen Master Jum Bo Dabone

A Libertine in Robes. The Life and Times of Zen Master Jum Bo Dabone

by Vajran Welch
254 pages

Let me state this as strongly as I can: Gonzo Zen™, as taught by Jum Bo Roshi, is arguably the most important and original invention in the last three or four millenia of spirituality. It is an astonishingly original, profound, effective,  and, yes, seductive path for waking up and getting laid.
– Ken Dillinger

DumBoRoshiJum Bo Dabone’s life is part Earl of Rochester, part Werner Erhard, part an unlikely combination of philosophers Ken Wilber and Nick Land. A rogue Zen Master of the highest calibre, Jum Bo has single-handedly revitalized American Rinzai Zen, bringing new life and spice to a stagnant tradition. From his beginnings in a petit bourgeoisie home in London to becoming a major player on the 1980’s rave scene, and then from a life on the run to the spiritual life as a recognized Zen Patriarch, it is as entertaining as it is inspirational.

A Libertine in Robes chronicles the life and times of Master Jum Bo as he worked to integrate hard-won wisdom into his dynamic life. Experience the successes and failures that brought him to found an entirely new form of masucline, empowering form of spiritual practice called Gonzo Zen™ as well as a vibrant, steaming, accelerationist community: The Holy Boners Order. Extraordinary for their playfulness, depravity, and liberating insight, Jum Bo’s life events swirl together to underscore and illuminate the environment from which one of the most brightly shining masters of the American Zen scene, as well as the contemporary Men’s movement, has emerged.

Along the way to becoming a Zen adept, Jum Bo was a wealthy drug dealer, as well as manufacturer of a partiularly pure and potent form of MDMA known as Satori. Jum Bo was convinced that the bliss he experienced on ecstacy was the same as the enlightenment  described by the Zen masters. Escaping Europol, he wound up in a Zen monastery in the Catskills where both this intuition and his own, deep Satori was confirmed.

DumBo2In this new book, Vajran Welch keeps Jum Bo’s story rolling on a fast track, just as the man’s life has been lived – the women, the dance, the bliss, the illuminations … There is something in this book for everyone: spiritual seekers and unrepentant sinners alike will find Jum Bo’s  ride hilarious, inspiring , poignant, and thoroughly human.

The ultimate result of Jum Bo’s journey, and his great gift to humankind, is a new and unique form of spiritual practice known as  Gonzo Zen™, involving old-school acid house, hefty doses of MDMA, and Quantum Linguistic Coercion™ techniques.

At our very first meeting, I ask Jum Bo:”What is Gonzo Zen™?”

Jum Bo gives me a long, hard stare. Then he raises his stick, shakes his fist, pulls out a toy gun, farts, gives a powerful KATSU!, and finally offers a hearty, Zen-style belly-laughter before lighting a stick of incense and reciting a verse from Hekiganroku in a sonorous basso profundo.

After this wonderful demonstration of the Zen spirit at work, he shows another side of his mercurial mind, that of the gifted raconteur:

“Well, son … As a man of Zen, I won’t give you an intellectual answer, but I can tell you a story:

At the end of a public talk I gave, a delicate hand came up from an absolute beauty in the front row, a barely legal Swedish slut whose blond hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin had already caught my eye, more than once.

“May I ask a personal question,” she said.

“Of course,” I replied from the lectern.

“Well,” she said, crossing her legs, “Considering your position, can you be with a woman?”

I smiled.  “That depends,” I said.

“Upon what,” she responded.

“On what you’re doing later.”

After the lecture  she walked up to me, smiled, and asked, “So where are we going?”

Now, I had already made arrangements for a threesome with this hot couple of identical Twins, so I invited the Swedish hottie to my next retreat at the Holy Boners Zendo.

Well, she came … and at her first dokusan, turned out to be a complete cocktease. Which made me a bit cranky. “Look at this cunt! She thinks this is some kind of game? I think it’s time for ol’ Rinzai to show up, right?” So next time she comes for an interview, I grab her fabulous tits, and I pick her up. I get two big hands full, and I pick her up and I slam her into the wall! BAM! And her eyeballs leap out of her skull and she looks at me like, ‘Oh my God!’ She’s just, you know, unbelievably terrified. I said, ‘Wake up. I am a Man! You are a woman!’

The chick went screaming off in to the woods, hiding.

She came back, though, as they always do, and  we spent three hours in bed together and, at the end, we’re weeping in each other’s arms.

And then, BAM! After this experience, she is fucking like an ANIMAL!  One of her boyfriends actually sent me an email, thanking me for the work I’d done on her. And all the talk in the world, and all of this politically correct, pseudo-spiritual bullshit would not helped her to reach that place. Not a chance.

This is Gonzo Zen™.


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