Tutteji’s Yule Teisho


The Buddhas and Ancestors, from Shakyamuni to Ayn Rand, have taught us to look within and not depend on anything or anyone outside ourselves for realizing our Inner Nature. This is also the foundation of my own Teaching.

What does it mean not to depend on anything or anyone outside oneself?

It means that you have to commit to a True Teacher of the Way, a Teacher upholding the correcty transmitted Dharma. You should listen to his Teachings and absorb them with a humble heart. In every waking moment, you should strive to become a worthy vessel of his Dharma. You should support his work on this earth in every way you can, realizing that unquestioning Loyalty to the Teacher is the Way itself. That this Loyalty is nothing but a manifestation of your own Buddhahood, your own Unique Personality, your Innermost Self, which is nothing but the Market itself.

I will always be grateful for my Teacher’s example and guidance, and whatever Powers I possess, whatever Insights into the Oneness of Spirit and Market I have gained, are nothing but fruits from the Karmic seeds planted by Teachers like Ayn Rand and Margaret Thatcher.

When you prostrate in front of your Tutteji shrine, you are really bowing to the timeless Spirit of Ayn Rand and Margaret Thatcher. When you click the ”Donate” buttons on this website, you are offering at their feet. When you ”like” my Facebook updates, your action is the song and dance of the Dharma, and, as such, it will bring you mountains of Karmic merit.

When you stop the noise of your discriminating mind, you wake up to the simple truth of the Unity of Mind and Market. When you reach a point when not a single critical thought disturbs your whole-hearted participation in the dance of the Market, you, too, will become a Master and Patriarch.


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