Give Yourself a Karmic Boost with our Transintegral Purification Practices

We are now offering a complete set of practices designed for purifying karmic obstacles and bring about powerful Transformation at every level of your being. Not only do these practices prepare you for the profound Paths of Sexually Transmitted Enlinghtenment™ and Spiritual Entrepreneurship™; when performed in a spirit of whole-hearted commitment, they will also lead you towards a position at the very heart of the Tutteji Mandala – a dynamic Sangha on the cutting edge of Evolutionary Enlightenment.

Based on ancient and authentic practices, The Transintegral Purification Practices™ (TPP) is a breakthrough program for evolving body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and market, designed for contemporary men and women. The Transintegral Purification Practice Starter Kit is a fast and easy way to get into these profoundly transformative exercises, giving you the tools to start practicing in your own home and at your own pace.

The TPP program is structured around a comprehensive system of fun and easy inner and outer purifications and yogas, cultivating your own unique Winner’s Mind.

The Outer Purifications
These practices begin with a series of life-changing contempations that will bring increased happiness and success to your life, embracing:

  • The uniquenss and opportunity of human life in a post-political time of global markets
  • The deeper meaning of Spiritual Entrepreneurship
  • The infallibility of the Laws regulating the Free Market
  • The repetitive cycle of hausse and baisse

These practices are known as the ”Four Profound Contemplations”

The Inner Purifications
These reflections were designed to inspire a strong sense of determination, an urgent desire to leave unprofitable ventures and follow the path to successul, spiritual entrepreneurship, which forms the foundation for the specific practices—the inner Purifications of:

  • Taking refuge in Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho and his Senior Disciples as your Guides, the truth of their Teaching as your Path, and the example of successful Spiritual Entrepreneurs as companions on the Path, so awakening a confidence and trust in our own Winner’s Mind™.
  • giving birth to Enlightened Greed, the heart of Spiritual Entrepreneurship™ —and training the mind to work with ourselves and the Market, realizing their inherent Oneness.
  • removing obscurations of all kinds through the purification and healing practice of meditationg on Ayn Rand and reciting the John Galt Mantra: Om Maha Muni John Galt Svaha!
  • accumulating spiritual and material merit by developing auspicious circumstances, through Guru Yoga in the form of monetary offerings
  • finally, in the practice of devotion to the Masters, which is the most crucial, moving and powerful practice of all, we unite our mind with the wisdom mind of all the Ancestors and so awaken the wisdom of realization of the Oneness of Body, Mind, and Market

The Purification and Karmic Booster™ Yogas
The core of TPP consists of a series of intensive yogas, engaging and revitalizing both body and mind. Experience for yourself the joy of making 109.000 prostrations, the powerfully empowering practice of mantra recitation, the bliss and karmic investment of selfless giving, and the aesthetic rapture of visualizing our Ancestors.

  • 108.000 + 1.000 prostrations remove the obscurations associated with Resistance,
  • 108.000 + 1.000 recitations of the John Galt Mantra removes obscurations associated with Loser’s Mind
  • The offering of $108.000 + $1.000 removes obscurations associated with Fear
  • 108.000 + 1.000 Complete Visualizations of Ayn Rand, Margaret Thatcher and Tutteji remove obscurations associated with Doubt..

The TPP Kit consists of 5 DVDs, 2 CDs, 3 booklets, and the Essential TPP Poster. Each DVD and CD teaches a Gold Star practice in one of TPP’s r Core Modules: Body, Mind, and Market. The Kit also teaches a series of 1-Minute Modules, which makes it easier than ever to integrate practice into your everyday life, even and especially when you’re pressed for time.Written materials show how everything fits together, guiding you through six simple steps for beginning your own Transintegral Purification Practice. Because TPP is both modular and scalable, it readily adapts to your lifestyle and interests.
This is not the cheapest, but the simplest and most effective set of Spiritual Exercises available. 

Get the TPP Kit before January 15, save 20% and awaken to your Winner’s Mind!
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