The Spiritual Slum Dog: A Meditation on Titles

I just received a donation from a disciple, addressing me ”Rev. Tutteji Dai Osho”. Earlier this week, I’ve been referred to as ”Zen Master”, ”Roshi”, ”Osho-sama”, and Osho-san”. All this in spite of my repeated invitation to call me ”Tutteji”.


Tutteji Dai Osho, Patch-robed Monk without rank.

Now, I am in possession of a fair number of titles and honorifics. And as a fully transmitted Zen Master, Lineage Holder, and Patriarch I guess it’s OK if people address me ”Dai Osho”. In fact, I do understand this as an expression of my student’s appreciation for the vertical relationship that is at the heart of our Way, as it’s been handed down to us through a line of Patriarchs, of which I happen to be the 85th.  And I have accepted my part in this Wonderful Play, this Dance of form and emptiness.

Now, I dislike distinctions and classes. In fact, there is no such thing as ”class”, just as there is no such thing as ”society”. There are simply individuals, and every individual is One with this Global Market. This is the Absolute Truth.

But then there is the relative side. In order to realize this Oneness of Mind and Market we need to enter a vertical relationship with a Realized Teacher. And we need to honor our position within this relationship. That is why you should adress my ”Dai Osho”, and that is why I, on the other hand, always accept your donations. It doesn’t matter how small they are. Even if you can only spare $100, I will accept your gift, thus relieving you of your karmic debt. That’s what Teachers do. This is my Great Vow in action.

And, as Tutteji Dai Osho, 85th Patriarch in our Sacred Lineage, I represent the Way itself. So whenever you invest in a relationship with me, you are really investing in What Is. Don’t hold back!

But there is still a part of me that feels like an ordinary guy, a humble monk, the lowliest of servants. This is a very humble and lonely place, being a slum dog.  Please remember that when you make your prostrations and your donations.


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