Dai Cho San Fugh Roshi: Quantum Zen

Quantum Zen
by Dai Cho San Fugh Roshi
248 pages

quantumQuantum Zen™ is a spiritual technology based on Chinese and Japanese Zen, updated for the 21st Century. This unique method transcends the outdated, ascetic and world-denying aspects of traditional Zen in favor of practical, experiential, and profitable engagement in the world. Relying on the timeless wisdom handed down through the centuries as well as the latest scientific findings, Quantum Zen™ offers the fastest, most effective and reliable spiritual path available today.

The Quantum Zen™ protocol is designed to accomplish a complete quantum transformation of body, mind and spirit through an intimate heart-to-heart Transmission of Correct Understanding and Clear Seeing. Through a sustained collaboration between student and Master you will experience for yourself the openess and transparent stability within your own mind that will allow you to recognize, realize, and maintain awareness of Clarity and Joy in your everyday life.

While close contact with a certified Quantum Zen Master is essential for a complete quantum transformation, this book will provide you with the tools needed for taking the first, transformative steps on this path of Clarity and Joy.

The Author
xxxxFormer Gunnery Sergeant Rev. Dai Cho San Roshi was ordained a Rinzai Zen Buddhist monk on April 1, 1992 at Dai Ratsu Mountain Monastery. In October 2007, Dai Cho San received Inka, lineage transmission, from Jum Bo Roshi as an 85th generation lineage holder in the Bodhidharma lineage. Since then, he has established the Zen Sangha at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp where he teaches Mindful Interrogation techniques. Since 2013, Dai Cho San Roshi is a member of the Transintegral Institute’s Board of Elders and serves as Head Abbott and Supreme Master at the Full Moon Zen Monastery in Portland. Quantum Zen is his first book.


One thought on “Dai Cho San Fugh Roshi: Quantum Zen

  1. We give thanks that the president has seen fit to leave the Guantanamo detention center open, despite all his promises to the contrary, so as to further the program of Zen mindfulness undertaken by the Rev.. As we all know mindful torture is a supreme vehicle for furthering enlightenment, and is an integral part of the great war effort and a direct manifestation of the unity of mind and market. A great and enlightened forebear of his Reverence, Harada Daiun Sogaku, had this to say about our war efforts:
    “If ordered to] march: tramp, tramp, or shoot: bang, bang. This is the manifestation of the highest Wisdom [of Enlightenment]. The unity of Zen and war of which I speak extends to the farthest reaches of the holy war [now under way”
    Quoted by that snake of a former Buddhist author and traitor to the cause Brian Daizen Victoria,( may he roam the hell realms and find no way out.) in his book ‘Zen at War’
    It is no coincidence,I assure you, that the great Sogaku was born in an area of Japan now called Obama! Such ocular signs are a sure Dharmic endorsement of your wonderful work Dai. cho San.

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