Tutteji’s Song of the Market


From the depths of a Master’s profound zazen, spontaneous songs will sometimes spring forth, expressing the essence of enlightened Mind.

From the very beginning we belong to the Market
Like dollars and cents, without money no action, outside us no Market
How near the truth, yet how far we seek,
Like an entrepreneur crying, ”I’m poor”,
Like the son of a rich man wand’ring poor on this earth we’re endlessly
abused by our governments
Hounded by taxes and regulations we struggle in serfdom,
how can we be freed from socialism?
The gateway to freedom is anarcho-capitalism!
Beyond exaltation, beyond all our praises, the most profitable teaching.
Abolishing the state, liberating the Market,
countless opportunities and wonderful deals,
all come from capitalism.
Thus one sound investment extinguishes evil. It purifies karma, dissolving obstructions.
Then where are the dark paths to lead us astray?
The Free Market is not far away,
Hearing this truth, heart humble and grateful.
To praise and embrace it, attending a workshop, downloading an app,
brings unending blessings, brings mountains of profit.
And if we stop thinking and see our true nature, that
True Market is no-market, our own self is Market we go beyond ego
and past French theory.
Then the gate to the oneness of Atman and Market is thrown open.
Not left nor right, straight ahead runs the Way.
Our form now being no-form, in stopping and shopping we never leave the Market
Our thought now being no-thought, our buying and selling are the
Voice of the Market.
How vast is the heaven of boundless globalization!
How bright and transparent the financial flows.
What is there outside us? What is there we lack?
The Market is openly shown to our eyes.
This earth where we stand is fully globalized.
And this very body, the body of Market.


2 thoughts on “Tutteji’s Song of the Market

  1. I’ve been reading this over and over and, really, I think it’s a work of great literary merit! I say this because there is a quality in it that makes the message seem very persuasive . You are obviously a supreme exponent of many arts! A Renaissance man in the tradition of the masters of old!

    • Thank you Patrick,
      Just a few days ago, someone actually called me “The Hakuin of Wall Street”. But, really, all I have is a certain ability to empty myself and make room for the Market to speak through this blog.
      Dai Osho

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